I am always looking for highly motivated students with experience in the intersection of computer architecture and systems. Before emailing me to express your interest, please read the following.

Mass-emailing a generic email to a list of faculty is rarely an effective method to establish a meaningful connection and receive a response. Your message must convey genuine interest, and to do that, you must dedicate some time and effort to tailor it. It is not enough to generically state that you are interested in the faculty's "research" - be specific. What exactly motivated you to reach out to that person? What is your background in that area that interests you? An ideal approach is to mention specific prior work of the research group (usually research papers), not just by title, but also share thoughtful comments about it. That is an unmistakable indication that your interest is genuine. If you do that when you email me, you are infinitely more likely to receive a response - and I guarantee that is the case for any other faculty member you approach.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!