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CS 6470: Design of Online Communities

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Date Topic Readings & Online Sites
1/6 Introduction  
1/8 Community: Face to Face and Online Reading: Recommended: Online Sites:  
1/13 Third Places Reading: Online Site: Due:
1/15 Research Methods Reading: Recommended: Online Site:
1/20 Research Ethics Reading: Recommended: Online Site: Please do not miss this class. If you do miss this lecture, you must watch a video of class and meet with the TA.
1/22 Ethics Continued:
Disguising Subjects in Published Accounts
Reading: Online site: Due:
  • Obtain ethics certification via the online course, if you do not already have certification.
Please do not miss this class. If you do miss this lecture, you must watch a video of class and meet with the TA.
1/27 Design Factors Reading: Online Site: Due:
1/29 Theory of Identity Reading: Online Sites:
  • Dooce (Warning: site is known for being irreverent and using strong language.)
  • TVNewser
2/3 Identity Online Reading: Online Site:
  • Optional: Pro Ana Tumblr. Go to Tumblr search and supply keywords "pro ana". (If you have tendancies towards eating disorders, please avoid.)
2/5 Gender Online Reading: Online Sites:
2/10 Anonymity Reading: Recommended: Online sites (apps for Android or iOS; please borrow a friend's phone if necessary):
Warning: adult content. Due:
2/12 No class asb at NSF
2/17 The Social, the Technical, the Political Reading:
  • Do Artifacts Have Politics? (Use library web localizer to get free access). by Langdon Winner. (in The Whale and The Reactor)
  • Code v2.0 by Lawrence Lessig. Chapters 3, 6, & 7. (Available free online, but you may wish to buy it anyway.)
Online Site:
2/19 Social Roles Reading: Online Site: Due:
  • HW: First interview transcript
2/24 Deviant Behavior Reading: Recommended: Online Site:
2/26 Governance Reading: Recommended: Online Sites: Due:
  • HW: Second interview transcript
3/3 Participation and Lurking Reading:


Online Site:
3/5 Guest Lecture by Brooks Buffington,
Co-founder of YikYak
Join GVU Brown Bag in TSRB 132

  • HW: Third interview transcript
3/10 No Class (President Obama speaking)
3/12 Online Privacy Reading: Recommended: Online Site:
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) on Privacy (browse)
  • Read the privacy policies of two online sites you use. List your sites on the wiki, making sure no one else in the class has picked your sites. Come to class prepared to discuss those policies.
3/17 & 3/19 Spring break--no class  
3/24 Constructionism Reading:
  • Community Support for Constructionist Learning by Amy Bruckman (use library web localizer to get access.)
  • "Battle Lessons: What the Generals Don't Know" by Dan Baum in The New Yorker Magazine - Jan 17, 2005, pg 42-48 (electronic reserve)
Recommended: Online Site:
3/26 Citizen Science Reading: Online sites:
  • Zooniverse (Pick a project (like Galaxy Zoo) and label at least two items).
  • Fold It (Download and play.)
3/31 Community Study Presentations Due:
4/2 Community Study Presentations, continued
4/7 No Class
4/9 Intellectual Property and Online Remix Guest Lecture by Casey Fiesler

Reading: Online Site:
4/14 Mechanical Turk and Turkopticon Readings: Online Sites:
4/16 Design Presentations Due:
4/21 Online Cooperation and the Open Source Movement Reading: Online Site:
4/23 Wikipedia and the nature of "truth" Reading: Online Sites:

Readings and assignments are subject to change.

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