Reading Critiques


  1. For each assigned reading, submit a Summary & Critique of the article. 

  1. This is an ongoing assignment and will contribute to your final grade.  After the first few classes you will not be reminded of this assignment.

  2. This is due before class, critiques will be submitted via t-square.  Please refer to the late policy.

  1. It should be a maximum of 1 page in length, at least 10pt font.

  2. I have read the paper, and therefore do not need a book report -- do not just tell me what the paper is about.  Your summary and critique should be a thoughtful discussion of the paper.  For example, include points that you plan to raise about the paper in class.

  3. Occasionally you will be asked to respond to specific questions in your summary and critique, these will be linked from the syllabus.