Dhruv Batra

Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

As background context, I am aggressively protective of my time, as I believe we all should be.

On a typical day, I receive over a hundred emails. Please do not be offended if I do not reply to yours or redirect you to read this page. If I answered every email I receive, I would not be able to do much else (and if all I did was answer emails, why would you want to talk to me?).

As a professor and a researcher, I wear both hats -- of a maker and a manager. I encourage you to read this excellent essay about why disruptions are so corrosive and disruptive to the maker's schedule.

Here are answers to the questions I am frequently asked over email. By reading these, you are helping me cut down on the time spent answering email (and actually get work done!). I already like you.

Prospective Students, Postdocs

Georgia Tech Students

Press and Commercial Inquiries