Lectures: TR 3:05-4:25 pm
Location: CCB 17

Instructor: Edmond Chow
Office Hours: Mondays 3-4 pm in KACB 1312

TA: Daniel Henderson
TA E-mail: olen501@gmail.com
TA Office Hours: Fridays 1-3 pm in KACB 1343

Course Description

Design of algorithms and software for high performance computing platforms used in computational science and engineering. Topics include parallelism, locality, machine architectures, and programming.

Students are expected to complete readings prior to each class in order to participate in class discussions and be able to complete short programming assignments in class. Students must be able to bring a laptop computer to class.

If you want to learn how to make programs run really fast, then this course is for you!


CS 1332, 1372, 2110 or CX 4010. This course requires heavy programming in C/C++. You should have significant programming interest and experience beyond that of the prerequisite courses. Familiarity with using Linux systems is strongly recommended.



What You Need to Succeed in this Course

Computer Resources

Students in this course will use the jinx cluster, which runs Linux. Accounts will be available at the beginning of the semester. Log into the jinx cluster at jinx-login.cc.gatech.edu using your Georgia Tech user name and password. More information about jinx is available at: https://support.cc.gatech.edu/facilities/instructional-labs/jinx-cluster.

Students in this course will also use Intel Xeon Phi hardware, which is specifically designed for high performance computing.



We thank the Intel University Program Office for a grant providing hardware used in this course.