Professor Mary Jean Harrold passed away on Thursday, September 19, 2013. You can visit her memorial page here.

Mary Jean Harrold

Professor, School of Computer Science

Aristotle Research Group
College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology
266 Ferst Drive
Atlanta, GA 30332-0765

Office: 2322 Klaus Advanced Computing Building
Voice: 1 404 385 0612
Fax: 1 404 385 3157
E-mail:  harrold at cc dot gatech dot edu



The overall goal of my research is to develop efficient techniques and tools that will automate, or partially automate, development, testing, and maintenance tasks. My research to date has involved program analysis based software engineering, with an emphasis on regression testing, analysis and testing of imperative and object-oriented software, development of software tools, and investigation of the scalability issues of these techniques, through algorithm development and empirical evaluation. The home page of my Aristotle Research Group has more information about my research. See a list of my publications with abstracts and pdf versions of my papers.

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