I am always looking for motivated, brilliant, and very hardworking students. Currently, I'm looking for students who have strong backgrounds on computer architecture, digital circuit, and strong programming skills. If you are currently a GA-Tech student, please send an email with your resume.

Students who want to study computer architecture (especially my research area), I'd like to suggest to take the following classes:

  • Strongly recommend classes
      Computer architecture (CS6290)
      Operating system (CS 6210)
      Compiler design (CS6241)
      VLSI (from ECE)
      Computer networks (CS6250)
      Computability & algorithms (CS6505)
      Advanced microarchitecture (CS8803AMA)
      Advanced Issues in Computer Architecture (CS8803AIC)
  • Other suggested classes
      Introduction to security Machine learning (CS7641)
      Embedded systems
      Advanced digital system test
      Fault tolerant computing
      High performance parallel computing (CS6230)
      Undergraduate graphics
      Undergraduate image processing
      Undergraduate algorithms
  • School's guide line
  • Other helpful classes

  • UROP position
      I am interested in working with GT undergraduate students on research as well as undergraduate students from other universities. Students should have taken undergraduate computer architecture class and more important should be interested in the same research topics that I am. Please send an email with your resume and add the word "FUTUREUROP" to the subject of your email.

  • Information for Prospective Graduate Students
      Students who are currently applying to Georgia Tech and want to work with me, please read one of my papers and send your comments to show that you are seriously interested in working with me. Please add the word "FUTUREGRAD" to the subject of your email.

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