Professor Jarek Rossignac
School of Interactive Computing
College of Computing, Georgia Tech
TSRB-232 (Tech Square), parking

Bio, honors, papers (citation), patents, students, classes (feedback), applets

PROJECTS (sponsor):

Steady motions and morphs (NSF), Bending and offsetting with local volume control (NSF), Heart surgery planning (NIH, CHoA), Choreography design and beautification (INRIA), Compact representations for triangle meshes (LLNL), Stroke graph inbetweening (Disney), Mesh compression (Adobe), Animation compression (Zynga), Logic optimization


Design Review with a Tangible Camera

Designing shapes using both hands in Twister

Bending 3D shapes with a ribbon in Bender
GPU rendering of CSG with Blister
Smoothing 3D motions with ScrewBender
Splashing water with FlowFixer
Bubbles with volume control
Surgical plans with Surgem
Morphing with B-map
Inbetweening strokes with Tweener
Inbetweening poses with SAM

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