Jarek Rossignac

Samples of teaching evaluation comments from undergraduate students for Professor Jarek Rossignac

You are the best teacher I've ever had at Georgia Tech.  Not only do you promote individual thinking and learning, you roll with our ideas rather than correcting them and telling us the ''right'' way. You made your own syllabus and course material, which I admire. Most professors are stuffy and will go strictly by the book.  You have the courage to go with what you think is right. You are more concerned with our education than our grades which is also excellent.  You share good humor and always seem approachable. You allow us to create and not memorize.    You are what a teacher is supposed to be. If only you could teach a seminar to other educators at Tech on how to teach and not just throw knowledge around, the world would be a better place ...  Well have a good day, and somebody should give you a raise.  You deserve it. Wow!  

Professor Rossignac is easily the best and most engaging, as well as among the most personable, professors whose courses I have taken.  These traits which are all the more notable considering his obvious expertise in research in the field of computer graphics. I am very glad that I chose to take this course.

You are the best CS teacher I have had, if not the best teacher at Tech that I have had!  Your teaching style really made a big impression on all of us.  I have a friend who always says: ''Man, Jarek is the most awesome teacher, I want to be like Jarek .''  You are indeed very popular among us those taking your class. I dislike all introductory CS classes (1000 & 2000 levels), and one aspect that most stands out is that they nitpick everything, from the due date to the format of the program that you write. The style of presentation is important to them, but not the content.  But you are different, you give us extensions (which I never use, but I love them anyway) and you give us flexibility in writing our programs, etc.  You care more for understanding how things work, rather than just memorizing the steps and regurgitating them (like some instructors at Tech do). You are awesome!

Professor Rossignac was an amazing professorBy far, this has been the most interesting class I've taken at Tech.  His method of using class interaction and response to come to a solution to a problem was engaging and informative.  I felt I learned so much more by hearing many different approaches to solving a problem than just being taught the generally-accepted, ''best'' way. Academically, I did not do too well in this class.  The tests hurt me a lot; I felt like the material in class did not mesh well with the material on the test.  Even on the test that we retook based on the previous lecture''s  notes, I did poorly.  And I thought I paid attention well.  Regardless of grades, I liked this class a lot.  If I fail it, I'll take it again.

I hope you enjoyed teaching our undergraduate class as much as we enjoyed it, and that you continue to teach undergraduate classes in the future.  I certainly am not familiar with all of the professors in the CoC, but you are by far the most skilled and enjoyable professor that I have taken courses here at Tech with. It would be a shame for other undergraduates to not also be able to experience.  Thank you very much.

Jarek very well may have been the best professor I've had at Tech. At the beginning, the class was very overwhelming, but now at the end I realized I've actually learned a lot. Grading was fair, and answers to questions easily accessible.

The best class I have taken yet.  You treated the class with maturity and high expectations.  As a result, people were able to draw from the class what they desired. I remember seeing some of my colleagues completely loathe this class, cursing your name!  I hope you don't take these personally and see it as a reflection of the character of  the educational environment that they have been taught in,  one that only focuses on the short term memory and testing--NOT constructive thought. You placed responsibility on  the participants of the class, engaging people to consider problems which had no definite answers, and I think this was perhaps too shocking for some. I loved it and I look forward to your return next year!  Good luck!

Best CS professor I've ever had. Made me decide on graphics as my specialization.

greatest teacher i've had so far . great lectures, focused on trying to teach the material and concerned about the students' comprehension. good class exercises to help develop critical thinking. explains class materials very well, clear, precise

You don't have to have a structured class to have a good one, so I think question 1 is irrelevant at stating the goodness of the teacher. How do I describe the instructor without being ambiguous?   Perfect, fantastic, great, wonderful, helpful, the list goes on and on . I believe he's the teacher everyone could learn from, especially my AI teacher.  If I was more of a graphics person I would take more classes with him, but that's life.