PhD Students
Topraj Gurung
Material modeling & analysis
Justin Jang
Freeform patterns
Brian Whited
Ball morphs
Jason Williams
Morphological simplification

MS Students
Philipp Bartke
Organ growth simulation
Abhisheak Iyer
Cartilage graft automation
Jeonggyu Lee
Stroke morphing
Kyle Olszewski
MRI/CT compression
Piyush Soni
MRI/CT compression
Abhishek Venkatesh
GPU subdivision

Undergraduate Students
Michael Hale
Graph Morphing
Tina Zhuo
3D warps

Former Students
  • Francois Chiron (1997-1998): 3D registration of medical models
  • Dr. Andrzej Szymczak (1998-1999, now Faculty at Georgia Tech): Surface and volume compression
  • Brendan Hannigan (1999-2000): Image Based Rendering
  • Grant Gruetzmacher: Interactive Creation of 3D Shapes
  • Dun Liu (1999-2000): Surface fitting and compression
  • Dr. David Cardoze (2000-2001, now at CMU): Pseudo-manifold meshes
  • Dr. Alla Safonova (1999-2001, now at CMU): Curve and motion compression, (GTE Fellowship)
  • Roman Khramez (1999-2002): Optimal mapping between 3D curves
  • Ramswaroop Somani (2002): Feature extraction, (NSF/CARGO)
  • Vivek Kwatra (2000-02): Cel-animation simplification and compression
  • Andy Scukanec (2002): CSG Rendering
  • Davis King (1998-2002): 3D Compression (NSF, IntelFellowship Award)
  • Nate Berglund (2003, Math): Tetrehedral mesh simplification and iso-surface optimization
  • Mel Eriksen (2001-2003): Drawing animated objects
  • Jim Koch (2003): Iso-surface simplification
  • Alexei Lebedevh (2003): Robust self-Intersection computation
  • Kevin Morris (2003-2004): Molecular Visualization
  • Brandon Beck (2003-2004): Tools for model-independent interactive view control and navigation
  • Prashant Thakare (2003-2004): Compressing triangle meshes
  • Gordon Brown (2003-2004): Haptic Mouse for 3D shape editing>
  • Nguyen Truong (2003-2004): Exact Hausdorff distance computation for 3D shapes
  • Toprag Gurung (2003-2004): 3D curve editor
  • William Gordon(2003): 3D haptic input device
  • Francisco Palop (2004): Level-set stability under uncertainty of height measurements
  • Branden Smith (2004): 3D reconstruction from Images
  • Brandon Beck (2004): 3D view control
  • Hendrik Müller (2003-2004): 3D measurements and shapes from single images and panoramas
  • Joy Shieh (2003-2004): 2D motion editor
  • Jaroslav Tyman (2004): Vision-based head tracking for 3D view control
  • Ignacio Llamas (2002-2005, now with nVidia)): Shape warping
  • Joy Shieh (2004): Direct manipulation of Animations
  • Donghan Li (2004): Self-intersecting meshes
  • Benjamin LeGuen (2004): Hiding Information in Triangle Meshes
  • Urs Bishoff (2003-2004): Compressed Ordered Tetrahedra Transmission
  • Ang Lee (2006): Iso-curve compression
  • William Pilger (2006, now at Lockheed): Cartilage transplant surgery planning
  • Michael Su (2006): Human-Shape Interaction with dynamics
  • Robert Hutson (2006): Animation Editor
  • Ellen Matthews (2006-07): Direct animation editing
  • Ethan Adler (2006-07): Automatic puzzle assembly
  • William Helfrich (2004-07): 2-hand interaction and GPU rendering
  • John Hable (2004-2005, now at Electronic Arts): CSG rendering on GPU
  • Dr. Lorenzo Ibarria (2001-2007, now at nVidia): Compression of shapes and animations
  • Dr. Buyng-Moon Kim (2000-2007, now at nVidia): Fluid and foam simulation
  • Alex Powell (2004-2006, now at Dreamworks): Interactive editing of shapes and animations
  • Jonathan Loesch (2006-2007):Hamiltonian cycles in triangle meshes>
  • Panch Krishnamurthy (2006-2007, now at Electronic Arts): Visualization of Complex Assemblies
  • Jeremy Duvall (2007): Videos on demand in a browser
  • Sungbae Kim (2007): Interactive design of human motions
  • Hendrik Mueller (2007): Remote collaboration through shared spaces and pointers

  • PostDocs and Visiting Scientists hosted
  • Dr. Hyoung Seok Kim (Dongeui University, Korea, 2004-05): Shape parameterization and editing
  • Dr. Isabel Navazo (UPC, Spain, 1998): Visibility
  • Dr. Renato Pajarola (ETH-Zurich, Switzerland, 1998-99, now faculty at UC Irvine): Progressive 3D compression
  • Dr. Sebastien Valette (INSA-Lyon, France, 2002, now at INRIA): Connectivity Skeleton for 3D compression
  • Dr. Volker Coors (Fraunhofer-IGD, Germany 2000-01, now at UT Stuttgart): Connectivity prediction for 3D compression
  • Dr. Antonio Chica (UPC, Spain, 2005-06): Isosurface simplification