Jennifer Gahee Kim
Assistant Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology
Contact: [at] | Office: CODA1578B
Pronouns: She/her
I obtained my Ph.D. from the Department of Computer Science speicialized in Human-Computer Intearction at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I was advised by Dr. Karrie Karahalios, as part of the Social Spaces Group. I received my M.S. degree from Georgia Tech where I worked with Dr. Gregory Abowd and Dr. Rosa Arriaga.
My research interests are in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Computer-Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW), with a focus on health and wellbeing. My work understands, designs, and evaluates social and health information systems to promote diversity, advocacy, and empathy. My research group is especially passionate about impacting the lives of neurodiverse people and communities around them.
Please see my projects and publications and to learn more about my research.

03/2024 | Three papers were accepted to CHI 2024!
03/2023 | Two papers were accepted to CSCW 2023!
01/2023 | Our empathy building VR project for neurodiverse people was accepted to CHI 2023!
11/2022 | Attending CSCW 2022 remotely

PhD students: Rachel Lowy, Kaely Hall
MS students: Luna Zhang, Xinke (Coco) Wu
Undergraduate students: Parth Arora, Helen George, Aiden Melone

CS 4803 & 8803: Personal Health Informatics | Spring 2021, Fall 2021, Spring 2022, Fall 2022
CS 6750: Human-Computer Interaction | Spring 2023
CS 3751: Introduction to UI Design | Spring 2024

Selected Publications | Google Scholar

Designing for Strengths: Opportunities to Support Neurodiversity in the Workplace. | Upcoming
Kaely Hall, Parth Arora, Rachel Lowy, Jennifer G. Kim | CHI 2024 [Accepted]

Understanding Online Job and Housing Search Practices of Neurodiverse Young Adults to Sup- port Their Independence. | Upcoming
Ha-Kyung Kong, Saloni Yadav, Rachel Lowy, Daniella Rose Ruzinov, Jennifer G. Kim | CHI 2024 [Accepted]

Patient Perspectives on AI-Driven Predictions of Schizophrenia Relapses: Understanding Concerns and Opportuni- ties for Self-Care and Treatment | Upcoming
Dong Whi Yoo, Hayoung Woo, Viet Cuong Nguyen, Michael L. Birnbaum, Kaylee Payne Kruzan, Jennifer G Kim , Gregory D. Abowd, Munmun De Choudhury. | CHI 2024 [Accepted]

Promoting Self-Efficacy of Individuals With Autism in Practicing Social Skills in the Workplace Using Virtual Reality and Physiological Sensors: Mixed Methods Study. | pdf
Sung-In Kim, So-youn Jang, Taewan Kim, Bogoan Kim, Dayoung Jeong, Taehyung Noh, Min- gon Jeong, Kaely Hall, Meelim Kim, Hee Jeong Yoo, Kyungsik Han, Hwajung Hong, and Jennifer G Kim. | JMIR Formative Research 2024

V-DAT (Virtual Reality Data Analysis Tool): Supporting Self-Awareness for Autistic People from Multimodal VR Sensor Data | pdf
Bogoan Kim, Dayoung Jeong, Jennifer G. Kim , Hwajung Hong, and Kyungsik Han | UIST 2023

Building Causal Agency in Autistic Students through Iterative Reflection in Collaborative Transition Planning | pdf
Rachel Lowy, Chung-Eun Lee, Gregory Abowd, and Jennifer G. Kim | CSCW 2023

It Takes Two to Avoid Pregnancy: Addressing Conflicting Perceptions of Birth Control Pill Responsibility in Romantic Relationships | Upcoming
Marcus Ma*, Rachel Kim*, Kaely Hall, and Jennifer G. Kim | CSCW 2023

Toward Inclusive Mindsets: Design Opportunities to Represent Neurodivergent Work Experiences to Neurotypical Co-Workers in Virtual Reality | pdf
Rachel Lowy, Lan Gao, Kaely Hall, and Jennifer G. Kim | CHI 2023

Supporting the Contact Tracing Process with WiFi Location Data: Opportunities and Challenges | pdf
Kaely Hall, Dong Whi Yoo, Wenrui Zhang, Mehrab Bin Morshed, Vedant Das Swain, Gregory D. Abowd, Munmun De Choudhury, Alex Endert, John Stasko, Jennifer G. Kim | CHI 2022

The Workplace Playbook VR: Exploring the Design Space of Virtual Reality to Foster Understanding and Support of Autistic People in the Workplace | pdf
Jennifer G. Kim, Taewan Kim, Sungin Kim, Soyeon Jang, Stephanie Lee, Heejung Yoo, Kyungsik Han, Hwajung Hong | CSCW 2022

Designing a Medical Crowdfunding Website from Sense of Community Theory | pdf
Jennifer G. Kim, Robert E. Kraut, Karrie Karahalios | CSCW 2022

VISTA: Understanding Characteristics of Autistic People through a VR-based Interactive Social Skills Training System | Upcoming
Bogoan Kim, Dayoung Jeong, Mingon Jeong, Taehyung Noh, Sung-In Kim, Taewan Kim, So-youn Jang, Hee Jeong Yoo, Jennifer G. Kim, Hwajung Hong, and Kyungsik Han | VRST 2022

Person-centered Transition Planning for Youth on the Autism Spectrum: What are We Still Missing? | pdf
Chung-Eun Lee, Jennifer G. Kim | Exceptionality, Special Ed. Journal 2021

Enriched Social Translucence in Medical Crowdfunding | pdf
Jennifer G. Kim, Ha-Kyung Kong, Hwajung Hong, and Karrie Karahalios | DIS 2020

Understanding Identity Presentation in Medical Crowdfunding | pdf
Jennifer G. Kim, Hwajung Hong, and Karrie Karahalios | CHI 2018

Skin Conductance as an In Situ Marker for Emotional Arousal in Children with Neurodevelopmental Communication Impairments: Methodological Considerations and Clinical Implications | pdf
Mariana Aparicio Betancourt, Laura S. Dethorne, Karrie Karahalios, and Jennifer G. Kim | TACCESS 2017

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