CS4400 Introduction to Database Systems

(Spring 2006, Section A)

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General Information

Instructor: Professor Ling Liu
Office: CCB 216, Phone: 5-1139, UNIX: lingliu (lingliu<AT>cc.gatech.edu)

Lecture Location: College of Computing Room 17
Lecture hours: 4:35 pm 5:55pm Tuesday and Thursday
Office hours: 3 4:30pm Thursday, or by appointment

Course TA:
Jason Fletcher (fletch@cc.gatech.edu): Tuesday, Thursday 3-4:30pm (CCB commons)
Riyaz Habibbhai (riyaz@cc.gatech.edu): Thursday 6-7:30pm, Friday 9-10:30am (CCB commons)
Fernando Medrano (gth787h@mail.gatech.edu): Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:30am-12:30pm (CCB commons)
Brandon Whitley (bwhitley@cc.gatech.edu): Monday 1-2pm (TSRB 230A, phone: 4-4998), Tuesday 10-12am (CCB commons)
Head TA: Eric Beowulf Martinson (ebeowulf@cc.gatech.edu)

Prerequisite(s): Programming in C or Programming in Java, Data Structure

Newsgroup: news:git.cc.class.cs4400
The newsgroup will be used to post class announcements, answer common questions, make corrections to project phase reports (if needed). Students are encouraged to conduct discussions about class material.

Course Evaluation online Click Here.

Text Book

Project ( description | demo schedule | demo requirements)

Develop a small real-world relational database application using Oracle or a Relational Database Management System approved by the instructor.

This is a group project. Groups of 3-4 students are required. You need to send an email no later than Jan 24 to the instructor (mailto:lingliu@cc.gatech.edu), including the following grouping information: (a) the list of your group members; and (b) the group contact person and his/her email.

1. Project Schedule



Report due
in class

Graded Report Return Date

Phase I

Week 3: 1/17

Week 7: 2/15

Week 9: TBA (reference answer)

Phase II

Week 7: 2/15

Week 10: 4/3 (extended from 3/17)

Week 11: TBA

Phase III

Week 10: 3/17

Week 15: 4/25 (extended from 4/21)


Project Demo

Location: TBA

Location: TBA


2. Project Reading Materials

3. Project Description (PDF