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Moinuddin K. Qureshi

Professor, School of Computer Science

Research Interests: Computer Architecture, Memory Systems, Hardware Security, and Quantum Computing

Email: moin at gatech dot edu
Office: KACB 2312, 266 Ferst Drive, Atlanta GA 30332


In Fall 2020, I am co-teaching (with Swamit Tannu) a graduate course on "Introduction to Quantum Computing" [CS8803, ECE8803]

Previously, I have taught the following courses:
  • Advanced Topics in Memory Systems [ECE7103A]
  • Advanced Computer Architecture [ECE4100/ECE6100]
  • Architecture, Concurrency, and Energy [ECE3056]
  • Introduction to Quantum Computing Systems [ECE8873]

My Research Group

I am fortunate to work with a group of very smart and incredibly dedicated PhD students. 

Check out the website of my research group:  Memory Systems Lab


A link to my Google Scholar and DBLP pages.

Highly Cited Articles

  • Scalable High-Performance Main Memory System Using Phase-Change Memory Technology [1400+ Citations]
    Moinuddin Qureshi, Viji Srinivasan, and Jude A. Rivers,
    International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA) 2009

    [Awarded the 2019 "Persistent Impact Prize" in recognition of "exceptional impact on the fields of study related to non-volatile memories"]

  • Utility-Based Cache Partitioning: A Low-Overhead, High-Performance, Runtime Mechanism to Partition Shared Caches [1200+ Citations]
    Moinuddin Qureshi and Yale N. Patt,
    International Symposium on Microarchitecture
    (MICRO) 2006.
    [Selected by Google Scholar (and top ranked) in the list of "Classic Papers that have Stood the Test of Time" in the area of "Computing Systems"]

  • Adaptive Insertion Policies for High-Performance Caching [750+ Citations]
    Moinuddin Qureshi, Aamer Jaleel, Yale N. Patt,  Simon C. Steely Jr., and Joel Emer,
    International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA) 2007.

  • Enhancing Lifetime and Security of Phase Change Memories via Start-Gap Wear Leveling [700+ Citations]
    Moinuddin K. Qureshi, John Karidis, Michele Franceschini, Viji Srinivasan, Luis Lastras and Bulent Abali, 
    International Symposium on Microarchitecture (MICRO) 2009

Recent Publications and On-Going Projects

A more up-to-date list of my (recent) publications is available here and some of our on-going projects are listed here

Approved U.S. Patents

A list of approximately two-dozen or so approved patents that I have invented or co-invented is available here

Short Bio: Moinuddin Qureshi is a Professor of Computer Science at Georgia Tech. His research interests include computer architecture, memory systems, hardware security, and quantum computing. Previously, he was a research staff member (2007-2011) at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, where he developed the caching algorithms for Power-7 processors. He is a member of the Hall of Fame for ISCA, MICRO, and HPCA. His research has been recognized with the best paper award at MICRO 2018, best paper award at HiPC 2014, and two awards (and three honorable mentions) at IEEE MICRO Top Picks. His ISCA 2009 paper on Phase Change Memory was awarded the 2019 Persistent Impact Prize in recognition of “exceptional impact on the fields of study related to non-volatile memories”. He was the Program Chair of MICRO 2015 and Selection Committee Co-Chair of Top Picks 2017.  He received his Ph.D. (2007) and M.S. (2003) from the University of Texas at Austin.