CS 6730 - Spring '21 Project Sampler

A sampler of some top projects from the Spring 2021 edition of the CS 6730 - Data Visualization Principles and Applications class taught by Prof. John Stasko at Georgia Tech.

Girls and Autism - The majority of autism research has taken place on boys and men. But how about girls and women?    Video
World Happiness - What are the happiest countries and why?    Video
Comic Book Character Superpowers - How are superpowers distributed among Marvel and DC characters?    Video
Publishing Paid Me - How well do book publishers pay authors of different demographics    Video
Chess - Variety of data about chess game play and pieces    Video
Animal Shelters - Data about pet adoption from the Austin Animal Center    Video
Covid-19 Vaccines - Which countries are using which vaccines and how has the vaccine rollout fared in different countries?    Video
Marriage Trends - How have the number of marriages been changing over time?    Video
The Benguela Upswelling - Information about the high-nutrient, phytoplankton upswell in the ocean off the southwest coast of Africa.    Video