CS 7450 - Fall '19 Project Sampler

A sampler of some top projects from the Fall 2019 edition of the CS 7450 - Information Visualization class at Georgia Tech. (Some of the visualizations require the Chrome browser.)

  Songs on Spotify - How do hit songs relate and how are they different?    Video
  Great Artists and Paintings - Explore the greatets artists of all time and their paintings.    Video
  Coffee Beans - What makes a great coffee?    Video
  Political Debates - Exploring the Democratic candidate debates.    Video
  Political Polarization - Is the U.S. moving farther apart?    Video
  NYC Parking Violations - Explore information all about parking and tickets in New York City.    Video
  TED Talks - Learn about the growth and characteristics of TED talks over the years.    Video
  Plastics - Which countries produce and are affected the most by plastics?    Video
  Syrian Refugees - Learn about the Syrian Refugee Crisis.    Video
  YouTube - Find out the characteristics of trending videos.    Video