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Capture Resistant Environment

A camera-phone being blinded by a flashing light pattern to prevent it from taking a photograph. (Watch the video at the bottom of the page for more details.)
By out-fitting a camera with a ring of IR-LEDs and an IR pass filter, we are able to detect the retro-reflection caused by CCD imaging chips.

Here you can see the IR view of the scene as detected by our camera detector. Here is the post-processed image. We have located the camera-phone using simple image processing.

We use a standard desktop projector as our camera neutralizer. Camera view when it is allowed to take a photograph. (The camera neutralizer is running but is not actively blocking this camera.) Camera view when the camera neutralizer is active. We use a rotating color pattern to overwhelm the camera's auto exposure and white-balance algorithms, in addition to over-saturating the CCD to produce the best effect.

One potential application for a capture resistant environment is a trade show or corporate demo where it is desirable to have a product or literature on display, but disallow photographs.

Obviously, the camera to be neutralized must fall within the field of view of the camera detector and neutralizer. A wily opponent may attempt to take a photograph from outside the effective zone of protection. Physical barriers (tables, walls) or additional camera detectors and neutralizers can be deployed to combat such an angular attack.

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Jay's Homepage > > Research Interests > > Capture Resistant Environment