Extra Credit Policy

CS 4731 / CS 7632: Game AI (Spring 2018)

From time to time AI research faculty at Georgia Tech will run experiments and studies that require human participation. You can receive extra credit points toward your final grade by participating in these studies and experiments. You will receive 2 points on your final course grade per study. You may receive extra credit on a maximum of 2 studies (for a grand total of 4 extra points on your final grade).

To get extra credit, use the following procedure:

  1. Instructor posts announcement of experiment for extra credit.
  2. Sign up with the experimenter for participation.
  3. Participate in the experiment.
  4. Interview the experimenter immediately after participation to learn
    • The goal of the AI/robotics research. What is the experimenter trying to accomplish through his or her research? What is the long term goal? How is the experimenter planning to solve the problem.
    • The purpose of the experiment. Typically the purpose is to collect data about human behavior or performance to feed into an AI system/robot or to evaluate an AI system/robot.
    • What the AI system/robot does and how it works. For example, what algorithm does it use to operate? If it is complicated, ask the experimenter to break it down for you until you understand.
  5. Write a 1 page report (Times New Roman, 12 point font, approximately 450 words) describing the goal of the research, the purpose of the experiment, and how the AI/robotic system works (as described in point #3). You do not need to describe the experiment itself (i.e., what the experimenter wanted you to do); I already know that part.
  6. Email your report to the instructor within one week of your participation.
  7. (The instructor will verify that you have meet the the report requirements and also verify your participation with the experimenter.

We cannot guarantee any experiments or studies will be conducted in any given semester. Not all experiments qualify for extra credit. If you learn of an experiment or study that has not been announced, please contact the instructor and ask whether you can get extra credit for it before you participate.