CS 6601 Artificial Intelligence

Fall ’13


In Fall 2013 CS 6601 will be taught by Thad Starner. The intended audience is graduate students that have already taken an AI course or are not afraid to jump into the deep end. The goals are

  1. 1)to provide a strong foundation in classical AI techniques like search, constraint satisfaction, logic and planning, graphics models etc...

  2. 2)go deep in each of these topics by looking at cutting edge developments in these areas, and have each student implement several advanced methods from the literature;

  3. 3)because this course will be a foundation class for the AI area for the PhD in Perception and Robotics, we will make the course much more oriented in that direction than the usual AI course;

  4. 4)finally, inspire confidence in your ability to identify where and how to apply AI techniques where appropriate in your future career.

See also the syllabus and schedule.


Class meets TR

from 9:35 am - 10:55 am

in Instructional Center 109


    Thad Starner

Teaching Assistant:

    Daniel Kohlsdorf

    Aditya Tirodkar