Project 2: SIR Infection Spread

CS 7492, Spring 2021

Due: TBD


The goal of this assignment is to learn about the SIR model of the spread of an infectious disease. The states of the agents in this model can be in one of three states: S (Susceptible), I (Infected), or R (Recovered). We will use an agent-based model where each individual is represented as a particle in a particle system.

SIR Simulation

Details to be provided later.

Authorship Rules

The code that you turn in must be entirely your own. You are allowed to talk to other members of the class and to the teacher about general implementation issues. It is also fine to seek the help of others for general programming questions about Processing. You may not, however, use code that anyone other than yourself has written. Code that is explicitly not allowed includes code taken from the Web, from books, from previous assignments or from any source other than yourself. You should not show your code to other students. Feel free to seek the help of the teacher for suggestions about debugging your code.

Turning In Your Assignment

Turn in your project on Canvas. Please zip up the Processing folder that contains your code and submit this zip file. Do NOT use tar or rar to compress your folder.