Sticky Feet

"Sticky Feet: Evolution in a Multi-Creature Physical Simulation"
Greg Turk
Artificial Life XII
Odense, Denmark, August 2010
Full Paper (PDF, 0.48 Mbytes).

Video of the simulator (107 Mbytes).

Simulator source code (0.5 Mbytes).


We demonstrate artificial evolution in a system that combines physical simulation with competition between creatures. The simulated creatures are constructed using point masses that are connected by oscillating springs. The creatures pull themselves across their 2D environment by varying the amount of friction at different point masses, giving them sticky feet. Creatures combat one another, and the victor of such an encounter earns the right to reproduce, possibly with mutation. Rather than testing one individual against another in pairs, as many as 100 creatures move and interact with each other in the same 2D environment. Over time, the initial creatures are replaced by new creatures that are more agile and better at combating others. The evolved creatures from such simulations exhibit a wide array of body plans, locomotion styles, and interaction behaviors.

Between-creature tournament.

Zoo of evolved creatures.

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