Zippered Polygon Meshes

I recently worked on zippering together range images to create polygonal models. This research is a part of the 3D Fax Project that is headed by Professor Marc Levoy at Stanford University. Our paper on the subject is Zippered Polygon Meshes from Range Images (postscript, 0.95 Mbytes), published in the Siggraph 94 Proceedings. Below are some models built by this method.

Model created by combining 14 range images of a plastic dinosaur.

Here is a tiny movie of the above dinosaur (70 Kbytes).

Telephone handset zippered together from 10 range images.

Here is a movie of the phone (111 Kbytes).

This lion was reconstructed from thirteen range scans of a plastic model. This is work done by Hua Ge, Marc Levoy and myself to incorporate color into models reconstructed from range images. You may want to compare a photograph of the original model against the reconstructed lion.

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