CS 6390: Programming Languages

Time MW 4:35 PM - 5:55 PM
Location Ford Environmental Science and Technology (EST) L1205
Instructor     Prof. Bill Harris (KACB 2322)
Teaching Assistant Ms. Sulekha Kulkarni



The course will cover the formal foundations of programming language design. Examples of skills that you'll have after taking the course include:

General topics covered will include:


The course does not have any explicit pre-requisites. However, much of the discussion will assume that students are familiar with:


Coursework will consist of:


The course will be based on the text Software Foundations, which is available completely for free.

The Coq proof assistant, along with complete documentation, proof development environments, and tutorials, is also available completely for free. Software Foundations contains a sufficient explanation of Coq for all exercises that will be assigned in the course.