Jarek Rossignac's lectures in Geometric and Visual Computing offered in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech
Graphics & Modeling (CS3451 --formerly CS4451-- and CS6491). Previous: s06, F05. Next CS6491: Fall 2007 on TTh at 9:30 in CCB101.
  • Clipping: How to install Processing and use it for point-in-triangle classification. Project 1: Edge/triangle intersection
  • Geometry: Points, Convex Hull, Vectors, Coordinates, Edges, Planes, Circles, Triangles, Containment, Intersections, Numeric errors
  • Polygons: Polygon processing (editing, smoothing, resempling, subdivision). Project 2: Boolean operations
  • Topology: Sets, Booleans, Topological operators, Boundary representation, Non-manifolds, Connected components, Orientation, Genus
  • Morphology: Distance, Voronoi regions, Medial axis, Discrepancy, Closest-point and tangent-ball maps, Offsets, Rounding, Tightening
  • Triangulation: Delaunay, Corner table, Construction, Traversals, Components, Holes, Orientation, Genus, Normals, Silhouettes: Project 3: Triangulation
  • Analysis: Curvature, Parameterization, Shape Descriptors, Geodesics, Isolation, Reeb graph, Tube extraction, Skeletons
  • Smoothing: Laplace corrections, Iterative smoothing, Conjugate Gradient, Retiling, Edge sharpening, Refinements
  • Motion: Transformations, Motions, Key-frame interpolation, Screws, Polyscrew smoothing, Swept Volumes, Collisions, Motion Blur
  • Deformation: Free-Form Deformations, Twister/Bender, Laplace Coordinates
  • Morph: Maps, Distortion, Minkowski Morph, Ball Morph, Incompatible shapes
  • Light: Physics, Color, Reflection, Propagation, Camera, Ray-tracing, Light-field
  • Rasterization: Rendering Pipeline, Lighting, Clipping, Scanconversion, Z-buffering, Texture mapping, Shadows
  • Perspective: Projection, Vanishing points, Registration, Transform, Homogeneous coordinates, Depth accuracy
  • GPU: GPU architecture and APIs, Stencils, Shaders, Special effects, Peeling, Transparency
  • Trimming: Arrangements, BSP, CSG, Blist, Active Zones, CSG Rendering, CST (Constructive Solid Trimming)

  • Scientific Visualization (CS4550 and CS6485). Next: Fall 2007 on TTh at noon in CCB102
  • Introduction: Field, course
  • Plotting: How to install Processing and use for plotting curves. Project 1: compare two plots.
  • Perception: Visual acquity, Color perception, Contrast, Optical illusions, Curvature lines, Motion
  • Processing Terrains: Terrain rendering and editing. Project 2: Compare two terrains
  • Depiction: Structured grid, Hypersurface, Color-coding, Iscocurves, Isoclines, Gradient field, Silhouettes
  • Comparison: Discrepancy, Average, Statistics, Transparency, Exageration, Animation, Registration
  • Filtering: Noise reduction, Smoothing, Exaggeration, Local shape analysis
  • Segmentation:Thresholding, Histograms, Snakes, Level-sets, Pearling
  • Volvis: Volume visalization, Translucency, Hardware assist
  • Exploration: View control, Fly-through, Cross-sections, Cut-out, Peeling
  • Isosurfaces: Local Extraction, Consistency, Tracing, Crust
  • Flow: Vector fields, Flow visualization
  • Animation: IsoSurfaces, Flow, Vibrations
  • Tetrahedra: Tetrahedra meshes, Representation, Generation, Simplification, Compression
  • Multiresolution: Subsampling, Simplification, Multireslution representations, Refinements
  • Streaming: Quantization, Prediction, Entropy codecs, Streaming, Visibility order
  • nD: Time-varying volumes, Higher-dimensional fields, Parallel coordinates, Dimension reduction (guest speaker: Alex Gray)

  • Complexity Techniques for Graphics and Animation (CS7491). Previous: S06, Next: Spring 2008.
  • Acceleration: Vertex/Fragment costs, Strips, Back-face culling, Frustum culling, LOD, Imposters, Occlusion
  • Compression: Edgebreaker codecs, Prediction, Entropy Codes, Valence, Connectivity Skeleton
  • Simplification: Vertex clustering, Edge collapse, Error estimators, Progressive Meshes
  • Transmission: Streaming, Compressed refinements
  • Occlusion: Occlusion/shadows, Portals, Apparent convexity, Occluder Fusion, Cell-to-cell visibility
  • Collision: Interference detection, Collision prediction, Polyscrews, Hardware acceleration, Early rejections
  • Matching: Registration, Pattern identification, Shape matching, Shape retrieval
  • Healing: Non-manifolds, Holes, Self-intersections, Geometric Complexes

  • Animation (CS4496 and CS7496). Previous: F06
  • Field: History, Market, Production, Careers, Principles, Examples
  • Path: Interpolating/approximating paths, Smoothing, Sampling, Reparameterization, Continuity and Jerk
  • Keyframes: Poses, Interpolating motions, Bezier, Bi-arcs, Screws, SmoothingPolyscrew Motion
  • Rendering: Animation, Blur, Illusions, Streaks, Exaggeration, Movie editing
  • Warps: Image warps, Space warps, Constrained deformations, Twister/Bender
  • Meshes: Adaptive subdivision, Laplace Coordinates, Compliant motion
  • Morphs: Image morphs, Cel Aniamtion, Meshes morphs, Parametric, Minkowski, Ball, RBF
  • Faces: Morphing, caricatures, anatomy, expressions, MoCap, Rigging, Speech synthesis
  • Dynamics: Inertia, Newton's law, Free-fall, Elastic collision
  • Graphs: Relative motion, Dynamic regrouping, Move-Morph/Warp, Animation graphs
  • Mechanisms: Articulated bodies, Kinematics, Dynamics, Gate, Grasp, Sports, Dance
  • Mocap: Motion capture, Calibration, Reconstruction, Fitting, Editing, Retargeting
  • Springs: Spring/mass systems, Rigidity, Energy Minimization, Constraints, Hair, Cloth
  • Shocks: Collision prediction, Elastic shock response
  • Fluids: Level-sets, Advection, Fluid Simulation, Particles, Membranes, Smoke, Splash, Bubbles

  • Proofs (CS1050). Previous: S06
  • Logic
  • Quantifiers
  • Proofs
  • Sets
  • Sorting
  • Complexity
  • Number Theory
  • Matrices
  • Sequernces
  • Induction
  • Recursion
  • Counting
  • Permutations
  • Computational Geometry
  • Boolean Algebra
  • Active Zones and Blists
  • CSG Rendering
  • Graphs
  • Connectivity
  • Planar Graphs
  • Trees
  • Spanning Trees
  • Triangle Meshes
  • EdgeBreaker Compression

  • Examples of class projects
    Tring game (Powell&Whited) Jarek Subdivision (Mark Luffel)
    Billiard game (download it) Curve subdivision (try it) OpenGL transformations The mendatory ray-tracer Interacting with walking bugs
    Toni Chica's IsoSurface VoxelChair Gruetzmacher Gruetzmacher Brown Before
    Isosurface extraction Smoothing triangle meshes Interpolating Motions
    Chair tips Horse tips Segmented chair Skeleton
    Isolation measure Finding tips Clustering Skeletons
    Cone-cylinder morph sphere-chair morph
    3D morphs in realtime via Minkowski averaging Morphing non-convex shapes
    Course evaluation feedback from students