CV: CS 4476-A

MW 2:00-3:15pm, L4 Howey Physics Building


  • Problem Sets (70% final grade)
    • 5 Problem sets each worth 14%
  • Exams (30% final grade)
    • Two exams each administered in class as indidated on the course schedule worth (15% each)

Pass/Fail If you wish to take the course pass/fail you need to obtain >=70% total across all assignments and exams.

Auditing: Auditing will not be permitted this semester due to the long course waitlist. However, course content will mainly be accessible on this website with gatech credentials.

Calculate your grade

We will use the following cutoffs: >=90 (A), >=80 (B), >=70 (C), >=60 (D), <60 F

Due Dates

All problem sets/reports are to be submitted by the due date noted on the assignment. Deadlines are firm. You will lose 10% for each day the project is late (this is automatically recorded – anything 1 second to 24 hours late is considered 1 day late). However, you have three “late days” for the whole course that can be used as you wish without incurring penalties. Late days will not be reflected in initial grading, but will be factored in and distributed at the end of the semester. Assignments will not be accepted beyond one week late and any missing assignment will receive a zero (regardless of available late days left).

If you are taking this course, the expectation is that you have set aside the considerable amount of time needed to get your projects done in a timely manner. These late days are intended to cover unexpected clustering of due dates, travel commitments, interviews, hackathons, computer problems, extracurricular commitments, etc. Don’t ask for extensions to due dates because we are already giving you a pool of late days to manage yourself. If you are seriously ill and need more time on projects beyond what late days can cover, you should submit documentation to the Dean of Students office and they will reach out to us.