CV: CS 4476-A

MW 2:00-3:15pm, L4 Howey Physics Building


Note: tentative schedule is subject to change.

S: Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications, by Rick Szeliski. See Resources

Week Date Lecture Readings Graded Assignments
Introduction and Filtering
W1 Mon, Jan 9 Introduction [pdf] [pptx] S 1.1-1.3
W1 Wed, Jan 11 Light and Color [pdf] [pptx] S 2.3.2 PS1 Out
W2 Mon, Jan 16 No Lecture: MLK Day
Filters and Features
W2 Wed, Jan 18 Linear Filters [pdf] [pptx] S 3.2.3, S 3.3.2-4, 4.2
W3 Mon, Jan 23 Gradients, Edge Detection [pdf] [pptx] S 4.1
W3 Wed, Jan 25 Local invariant features (part 1) [pdf] [pptx] S 4.1 PS1 Due
W4 Mon, Jan 30 Local invariant features (part 2) [pdf] [pptx] S 2.1.1-2, 6.1.1, 6.1.4
Transformations and Fitting
W4 Wed, Feb 1 Bottom-up Segmentation and Clustering [pdf] [pptx] S 5.2-5.4
W5 Mon, Feb 6 Hough Transform [pdf] [pptx] S 7.4.2, 2.1
W5 Wed, Feb 8 Alignment, 2D Transformations, RANSAC [pdf] [pptx] S 4.3.2
W6 Mon, Feb 13 Homography and image warping [pdf] [pptx] S 3.6.1 PS2 Due
Geometry and Calibration
W6 Wed, Feb 15 Cameras and Image Formation [pdf] [pptx] S 3.1.1-2, 3.2
W7 Mon, Feb 20 Intro Stereo and Calibration [pdf] [pptx] S 7.2, 11.1.1, 11.2-11.5
W7 Wed, Feb 22 Epipolar Geometry [pdf] [pptx] S 7.2, 11.1.1, 11.2-11.5
W8 Mon, Feb 27 Stereo & Structure from Motion [pdf] [pptx] S 7.2, 11.1.1, 11.2-11.5
W8 Wed, Mar 1 Indexing local features and instance recognition [pdf] [pptx] S 14.3 PS3 Due
W9 Mon, Mar 6 Intro to category recognition [pdf] [pptx] S 14.1
W9 Wed, Mar 8 Exam 1: Filtering/Features + Transformations/Fitting + Geometry
W10 Mon, Mar 13 Discriminative classifiers (Linear models) [pdf] [pptx] S 14.3
Deep Learning Fundamentals
W10 Wed, Mar 15 Continuous Optimization [pdf] [pptx]
W11 Mon, Mar 20 Spring Break
W11 Wed, Mar 22 Spring Break
W12 Mon, Mar 27 Neural Networks [pdf] [pptx]
W12 Wed, Mar 29 Backpropagation [pdf] [pptx] CS 231 Backprop ex PS4 Due
Deep Learning for Vision
W13 Mon, Apr 3 Convolutional Neural Networks I [pdf] [pptx] CS 231 Convnets
W13 Wed, Apr 5 Convolutional Neural Networks II [pdf] [pptx] CS 231 Convnets
W14 Mon, Apr 10 Segmentation and Detection [pdf] [pptx]
Advanced Topics
W14 Wed, Apr 12 Review Session [pdf]
W15 Mon, Apr 17 Exam 2: Recognition + Deep Learning
W15 Wed, Apr 19 Learning w/ Limited Supervision [pdf]
W16 Mon, Apr 24 Course Recap, Bias in CV [pdf] PS5 Due
Fri, Apr 28 Final Exam Slot: 2:40pm-5:30pm -- Unused