CS4440 Emerging Database Technologies

(Fall 2009)


Instructor: Professor Ling Liu

Reading Summary Post

Attention: The information contained in this page is subject to changes.

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Reading summaries count 20% of your total grade. You are required to submit one reading summary (critique) per week at TSquare. Late summaries will not be accepted. Here are some specific guidelines about the grading of reading summaries:

  • Reading summaries are to be marked pass (P), pass plus (P+), and pass minus ((P-). A pass represents a good summary to the assigned reading. You are encouraged to provide critical feedback that is well founded, but be sensitive to the way in which you write it. Poorly worded criticism will be graded negatively if we find it.
  • The pass minus grade is to be assigned in limited circumstances in which either the summary is incomplete (e.g., one component is left uncommented completely) or it is clear from the summary that the student did not read the material or the summary contains poorly worded criticism.
  • The pass plus grade should be given to a summary in which the student goes beyond a basic review and presents insight that is thoughtful and well expressed.
  • In principle, very few pass minus grades are given, and the number of pass plus grades will vary significantly depending on the reading, as some readings are more provocative than the others.
  • Cooperation and discussion on assigned course readings are allowed, but verbatim copies of the same summary will be considered cheating. So you may talk about the readings as much as you like with one another, but each student is responsible for writing his/her own summary. If text is copied from another source, you should credit the source by referencing the source correctly. Verbatim copying from uncredited sources is plagiarism. If a case of plagiarism or any form of academic dishonesty is found, the guilty parties involved will receive a zero score for the assignment. Repeated offenders will be referred to the Dean's office.


Reading Summary Format:


The submission should be done through TSquare.

“[CS4440] Week <week#> Summary”. The specific “week#” please refers to lecture schedule:


For example the first week of Sept will be the third week and the critique should be submitted with subject “[CS4440] Week <3> Summary”.


The summary should be in .txt file format, and the file name should follow the format:


last 4 digits of your GTID# followed by “_” and followed by the paper assignment# and followed by .txt.


Since the paper reading started from the second week (See course website Schedule and Notes section, http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~lingliu/courses/cs4440/09Fall/lectures.htm), the paper assignment# for the second week will be 1 and 2 as the starting point.


For example if a student’s GTID# has last 4 digits as 1234, then his or her critique summary in the third week should be: 1234_3.txt and 1234_4.txt.



It is recommended that numbering the critique sections as guided in “Reading Summary Guidelines” in


This will make the critique more readable.


Reading Summaries by Students

For privacy concerns, summaries are only indexed by the last three digits of Student ID number (the ones you use on Oscar) and student names are deleted from the summaries. The reading critiques (reading summaries) for each of the 10 weeks will be posted below: