Week  Dates Topic Topic HW Out
1 Aug 22, 24 Introduction Data Vis overview
2 Aug 29, 31 Multivariate data & tables Visual perception HW 1
3 Sep 5, 7 User tasks and analysis Statistical graphs
4 Sep 12, 14 Design practice 1 & web tools Multivar. reps. - Lines, axes, regions HW 2
5 Sep 19, 21 Multivar. reps. - Dots, glyphs Graphical integrity HW 3
6 Sep 26, 28 Communication & storytelling      Tableau HW 4
7 Oct 3, 5 Interaction Quiz 1 / Overview & detail
8 Oct 10, 12 No Class - Fall break Data Humanism
9 Oct 17, 19 Design 1 Design 2 HW 5
10 Oct 24, 26 Geospatial visualization 1 Geospatial visualization 2
11 Oct 31, Nov 2 Time series data Graphs and networks HW 6
12 Nov 7, 9 Hierarchies & trees Text & documents
13 Nov 14, 16 Design practice & exercises 2 Evaluation
14 Nov 21, 23 Visual analytics No Class - Thanksgiving
15 Nov 28, Nov 30 Design practice & exercises 3 Quiz 2 / Post-WIMP interaction
16 Dec 5 Review & Project discussion


Below are summaries of all the materials for each class. References for readings and articles, videos shown, websites referenced, and software demonstrated are listed for each topic. The lecture slides are included in Canvas.

Aug. 22 -- Introduction

Class Slides

  • In Canvas

    Post Reading
  • Tufte Shuttle recap (in Canvas)

  • Covid Risk, GT
  • Coronavirus Pandemic Data Explorer from Our World in Data
  • Covid state restrictions from NY Times
  • Covid-19 Online Visualization Collection (COVIC)

  • Video of accident on youtube

    Web Articles
  • Tufte's book containing Challenger discussion
  • Report of the Presidential Commission on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident
  • Challenger disaster - Wikipedia page about accident
  • Weather's role in the disaster (
  • Challenger engineer blames himself
  • Challenger crew - What happened (
  • Criticism of Tufte's analysis from Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Research

    Aug. 24 -- Data Vis Overview

    Pre Reading/Watching
  • Data Visualization Versus UI and Data Science, L. Cherny
  • Five Charts that Changed the World, BBC

    Post Reading
  • S. Card, J. Mackinlay and B. Shneiderman, Readings in Information Visualization, Using Visualization to Think Morgan Kaufmann, 1999, pp. 1-34. (in Canvas)

  • S. K. Card, "Information visualization." In The Human-Computer Interaction Handbook, J. Jacko, A. Sears, (editors), Lawrence Erlbaum Associates; 2003.
  • J.-D. Fekete, J. van Wijk, J. Stasko, C. North, "The Value of Information Visualization", in Information Visualization: Human-Centered Issues and Perspectives, (Editors: A. Kerren, J. Stasko, J.-D. Fekete, C. North), Springer, 2008, pp. 1-18.
  • C. North, "Information Visualization", in Handbook of Human Factors and Ergonomics, G. Salvendy (editor), John Wiley & Sons, 2005.
  • Claus Wilke, Fundamentals of Data Visualization, Free book, 2019.

  • Anscombe's Quartet
  • Nuclear arms race -
  • Death and Taxes -
  • Best beer in America - Mike Wirth Art
  • Beer - Beer graph
  • Religious belief and income -
  • Where We Live - Joe Lertola
  • 60 Silliest pie charts -
  • FOX News pie chart
  • People are worried about Covid, from Gigi
  • Baby NameGrapher, from Namerology
  • Looking Back on the BabyNameWizard, Laura Wattenberg
  • Stock Market Performance,
  • Visualization Resources
  • InfoVis Wiki
  • Flowing Data
  • Chartable, from Datawrapper
  • Scoop.It!
  • The Economist's Graphic Detail
  • Visualization Blog Compendium

    Aug. 29 -- Multivariate Data & Tables

    Pre Reading
  • How to Prepare Data, Lisa Charlotte Muth
  • Art and Science of the scatterplot, Pew Research

    Web Articles
  • Not applicable data, stephaniegreen
  • Collection of univariate plots, C. Riddell
  • Tackling air pollution & climate change (scatterplot ex), GAHP

  • Trifacta - Data wrangling

  • Data cleaning using Trifacta's Wrangler

    Aug. 31 -- Visual Perception

    Pre Reading
  • Choosing Colors for Data Visualization, M. Stone, 2006.
  • How to pick more beautiful colors for your data visualizations, L. C. Muth
  • Viz Palette for Data Visualization Color, E. Meeks

    Post Reading
  • Emphasize what you want readers to see with color, L. C. Muth
  • Your Legend is a Chart, PolicyViz
  • Data Visualization in Full Color, J. Cottrell-Schloemer

  • S. Franconeri, L. Padilla, P. Shah, J. Zacks, and J. Hullman, The Science of Visual Data Communication: What Works", Psychological Science and Public Interest, Vol. 22, No.3, Dec. 2021, pp. 110-161.

  • Color in political maps from the Daily Show
  • Color selector algorithm, Tableau
  • How languages change the way we see colors (Himba), from Gavin Evans
  • Change blindness picture examples, from UBC
  • Change blindness video examples, from Dan Simons at Illinois

  • The blue bars are straight?, Nautilus
  • Which way are the plates?, Hoarse whisperer
  • The cubes aren't moving?, Steve Stuart-Williams
  • C. Healey, "Perception in Visualization," NC State
  • Color blindness evaluation, Colorlite
  • Color Brewer, C. Brewer
  • Be careful about using ColorBrewer
  • ColorDesigner
  • Coolors
  • Colorgorical, Brown Univ.
  • Viz Palette, seeing colors in action, E. Meeks & S. Lu
  • Color advice, Annapurani
  • chroma.js JavaScript library for helping work with colors, G. Aisch
  • Checker shadow illusion, Wikipedia
  • Chess pieces are same color, Steve Stewart-Williams
  • What color are the balls?, Chaz Firestone
  • Interactive color challenge
  • Color names from xkcd
  • Color resources, If We Assume

    Web Articles
  • How the Himba see colors, Gondwana collection
  • How not to suck at color, Greg Gunn
  • Design for red-greem color blindness, from visualising data
  • Choosing Fonts for Data Vis, Tiffany France
  • The little of vis design, from, A. Kirk
  • 39 studies about human perception, from K. Elliott

    Sep. 5 -- User Tasks and Analysis

    Pre Reading
  • Banning exploration in my infovis class, by E. Adar

  • R. Amar, J. Eagan, and J. Stasko, "Low Level Components of Analytic Activity in Information Visualization", Proc. of IEEE InfoVis '05, Oct. 2005, pp. 111-117.
  • R. Amar and J. Stasko, "Knowledge Precepts for Design and Evaluation of Information Visualizations," IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Vol. 11, No. 4, July/August 2005, pp. 432-442.
  • M. Brehmer and T. Munzner, "A Multi-Level Typology of Abstract Visualization Tasks", IEEE Trans. on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Vol. 19, No. 12, Dec. 2013, pp. 2376-2385.
  • D. Norman, "The Power of Representation", Chapter 3 in Things That Make Us Smart: Defending Human Attributes in the Age of the Machine, Addison-Wesley, 1994.
  • A. Rind, W. Aigner, M. Wagner, S. Miksch, and T. Lammarsch, "Task Cube: A three-dimensional conceptual space of user tasks in visualization design and evaluation", Information Visualization, Vol. 15, No. 4, pp. 288-300, 2015.
  • H.J. Schulz, T. Nocke, M. Heitzler, and H. Schumann, "A Design Space of Visualization Tasks", IEEE Trans. on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Vol. 19, No. 12, Dec. 2013, pp. 2366-2375.
  • K. Sedig, P. Parsons, A. Babanski, "Towards a Characterization of Interactivity in Visual Analytics" JMPT, Vol. 3, No. 1, 2012, pp. 12-28.
  • B. Shneiderman, "The Eyes Have It: A Task by Data Type Taxonomy for Information Visualizations." Proc. 1996 IEEE Visual Languages, Sept. 1996, pp. 336-343.

    Sep. 7 -- Statistical Graphs

    Pre Reading
  • Infographics Journalist Charles Apple on Making Effective Charts, Nightingale
  • I've stopped using box plots. Should you?, N. Desbarats on Nightingale
  • Use Pie Charts?,

    Post Reading
  • "Effectively Communicating Numbers - Selecting the Best Means and Manner of Display", S. Few, 2006.

  • S. Few, Show Me the Numbers, Analytics Press, 2004.
  • S. Few, Now You See It, Analytics Press, 2009.

  • Chartopedia,
  • Dataviz Project by ferdio
  • Google Chart Gallery
  • Visual Vocabulary, Financial Times
  • Data Vis Decision Tree, S. Pugsley

    Web Articles
  • Social trust of friends and strangers, G. Mulgan
  • French Fry power ranking, LA Times
  • Stacked bar charts, Priceonomics
  • Covid variant percentages, Eric Topol
  • When to use Bump Charts, K. Flerlage
  • 5 Ways Data Vis Can Lie, K. Fortney
  • Pros and Cons of Chart Taonomies, A. Makulec

  • Remove to Improve (pie chart), Joey Cherdarchuk

    Sep. 12 -- Design Practice 1 & Web-based Vis Tools

    Web Articles
  • Data Visualization Tools Wars, PolicyViz
  • Five ways to draw a bar chart, Andy Kirk
  • How many ways can you draw a barchart?, Leenke De Donder

  • Datawrapper
  • RAWGraphs
  • inzight
  • Flourish

    Sep. 14 -- Multivar. Visual Reps: Lines, Axes, & Regions

  • J.H.T. Claessen, J. van Wijk, "Flexible Linked Axes for Multivariate Data Visualization," IEEE Trans. on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Vol. 17, No. 12, Dec. 2011, pp. 2310-2316.
  • S. Gratzl, A. Lex, N. Gehlenborg, H. Pfister, and M. Streit, "LineUp: Visual Analysis of Multi-Attribute Rankings", IEEE Trans. on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Vol. 19, No. 12, pp. 2277-2286, Dec. 2013.
  • D. Keim, "Information Visualization and Visual Data Mining."IEEE Trans. on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Vol. 8, No. 1, pp. 1-8, 2002.
    R. Rao and S.K. Card, "The Table Lens: Merging Graphical and Symbolic Representations in an Interactive Focus+Context Visualization for Tabluar Information", Proceedings of ACM CHI '94, Apr. 1994, pp. 318-322.
  • M. Spenke, C. Beilken, T. Berlage, "FOCUS: The Interactive Table for Product Comparison and Selection." Proceedings of ACM UIST '96, Nov. 1996, pp. 41-50.

  • 72 splendid slopegraphs, Storytelling with Data
  • Parallel coordinates, Julian Heinrich
  • Star/Radar plots of fast food restaurants, BoingBoing
  • Problem with Radar plots, Luke Bornn
  • Parallel Sets, UNCC, InfoVis '05
  • Why Does My Dog..., Will Sutton

  • Table Lens, Xerox PARC, CHI '95
  • EZChooser, MERL
  • LineUp, Linz & Harvard, InfoVIs '03
  • FLINA View, TU Eindhoven, InfoVis '11

  • LineUp, S. Gratzl
  • Parallel Sets, UNCC

    Sep. 19 -- Multivar. Visual Reps: Dots and Glyphs

    Pre Reading
  • Dear Data
  • Importance of Chart Type Names, Xenographics
  • When Charts Go Weird: The Joy of Xenographics, Duncan Geere

  • D. Keim, M. Hao, U. Dayal, and M. Hsu, "Pixel Bar Charts: A visualization technique for very large multi-attribute data sets", Information Visualization, Vol. 1, No. 1, March 2002, pp. 20-34.
  • B. Alsallakh, L, Micallef, W. Aigner, H. Hauser, S. Miksch, P. Rodgers, "Visualizing Sets and Set-typed Data: State-of-the-Art and Future Challenges." State-of-the-Art Reports of the Eurographics Conference on Visualization 2014 (EuroVis 2014), June 2014.
  • D. Park, S. M. Drucker, R. Fernandez and N. Elmqvist, "Atom: A Grammar for Unit Visualizations," IEEE Trans. on Visualization & Computer Graphics, vol. 24, no. 12, pp. 3032-3043, Dec. 2018.
  • J.M. Rzeszotarski and A. Kittur. "Kinetica: naturalistic multi-touch data visualization." Proc. of CHI '14, pp. 897-906.
  • J. S. Yi, R. Melton, J. Stasko, and J. Jacko, "Dust & Magnet: Multivariate Information Visualization using a Magnet Metaphor," Information Visualization, Vol. 4, No. 4, Winter 2005, pp. 239-256.

  • Impact of Vaccines (Matrix plot), WSJ
  • Top 100 city destinations (Waffle Diagram),
  • Working on Tips (waffle diagram),
  • Population using the Internet (Waffle diagram),
  • Spending at Trump properties (Bee swarm), Axios
  • Vaccine doses per country (Bee swarm), Washington Post
  • Student scores (Bee swarm), S. Evergreen
  • Chicago police detainees, the Guardian
  • The Swedish Vote, svt
  • Gun deaths in the US, FiveThirtyEight
  • US states in Chernoff faces, L. Gamio at Axios
  • Surviving the Titanic, Tableau Public
  • The Women of Data Viz, by Alli Torban
  • Nation's World Cup appearances, Sonja Kuijpers
  • Democratic Deficit Countries, Frederica Fragapane
  • Xenographics, Martin Lambrechts
  • When a data vis about a topic resembles the topic, Ben Jones

  • Dust & Magnet, Georgia Tech, Information Visualization '05
  • Dust & Magnet on MSR Hub, Georgia Tech, '16
  • Kinetica, CMU, CHI '14
  • SandDance, Microsoft Research
  • Untangling Euler Diagrams, MSR, InfoVis '10
  • OnSet, Georgia Tech, InfoVis '14

  • SandDance, Microsoft Research
  • Advanced Visualization Generator (beeswarm, Sankey, bumpchart, etc.), T. Guillevin
  • OnSet, Georgia Tech, InfoVis '14

    Sep. 21 -- Graphical Integrity

    Pre Reading
  • Bar Chart Baselines Start at Zero, N. Yau
  • Donations about diseases, Circle width versus area, R. Krum

    Post Reading
  • Why you sometimes need to break the rules, Rosamund Pearce
  • Ten Most Misleading Charts of Trump Presidency, PolicyViz
  • How People Actually Lie with Charts, M. Lisnic of visualization design lab

  • Tufte, Envisioning Information
  • S. Bateman, et al, "Useful Junk? The Effects of Visual Embellishment on Comprehension and Memorability of Charts", Proceedings of CHI '10, April 2010, pp. 2573-2582.
  • M. Borkin, et al, "What Makes a Visualization Memorable?", IEEE Trans. on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Vol. 19, No. 12, Dec. 2013, pp. 2306-2315.
  • D. Akbaba, J. Wilburn, M.T. Nance, M. Meyer, "Manifesto for Putting 'Chartjunk in the Trash in 2021!", alt.vis Proceedings, IEEE VIS 2021.

    Web Articles
  • Why charts should have a zero baseline
  • Bar charts must have zero baseline, C. N. Knaflic
  • Price of crude vs. gallon of gas (Where's baseline?), White House
  • OK not to start y-axis at zero, D. Yanofsky
  • Length vs. Area, P. Graham
  • Georgia's Covid dashboard, Atlanta Magazine
  • Declutter this graph example, by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic
  • Data-Ink Ratio Modification, Delivering Data Analytics

  • Tufte's website
  • Scrollytelling version of Minard's march
  • Nigel Holmes website
  • WTF Visualizations
  • Junk charts
  • Data Vis: What Not to Do, C. Hudson

  • Don't Break the Bar, J. Schwabisch
  • How Charts Lie, Alberto Cairo
  • The Great Debate in DataViz: ChartJunk, Bill Shander with Nigel Holmes

    Sep. 26 -- Communication & Storytelling

    Pre Reading
  • How is an infographic different than a data vis, P. Taei
  • Has Data Storytelling Reached Its Peak?, A. Makulec
  • The Fallen of WWII (Watch the video)

    Post Reading
  • A. Thudt, J. Walny, T. Gschwandtner, J. Dykes, J. Stasko, "Exploration and Explanation in Data Driven Storytelling", chapter in Data-Driven Storytelling, edited by N. Henry Riche, C. Hurter, N. Diakopoulos, and S. Carpendale, CRC Press, 2018. (in Canvas)

  • N. Henry Riche, C. Hurter, N. Diakopoulos, and S. Carpendale (editors), Data-Driven Storytelling, CRC Press, 2018.
  • J. Hullman and N. Diakopoulos, "Visualization Rhetoric: Framing Effects in Narrative Visualization." IEEE Trans. on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Vol. 17, No. 12, Dec. 2011, pp. 2231-2240.
  • J. Hullman, S. Drucker, N. Riche, B. Lee, D. Fisher, and E. Adar. "A Deeper Understanding of Sequence in Narrative Visualization." IEEE Trans. on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Vol. 19, No. 12, Dec. 2013, pp. 2406-2415.
  • R. Kosara and J. Mackinlay. "Storytelling: The Next Step for Visualization." Computer, Vol. 46, No. 5, May 2013, pp. 44-50.
  • E. Segel and J. Heer, "Narrative Visualization: Telling Stories with Data", IEEE Trans. on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Vol. 16, No. 6, Nov.-Dec. 2010, pp. 1139-1148.

  • Hans Rosling talk - from TED Conference, 2006
  • Hans Rosling talk - from TED Conference, 2007
  • Story about Hans Rosling, Nature
  • An Inconvenient Truth - Wikipedia page about film
  • How Mariano Rivera Dominates Hitters - from the NY Times (YouTube)
  • The Fallen of WWII
  • David McCandless talk - from TED Conference, 2010
  • Hans Rosling updated - from the BBC

    Web Articles
  • W.E.B. Du Bois,
  • W.E.B. Du Bois' Visionary Infographics, Smithsonian
  • Legacy of W.E.B. Du Bois, J. Forrest
  • Soviet Data Visualization from 1933, David Rumsey
  • Obama job chart discussion
  • The 11 slides that finally convinced Boris Johnson about global warming, CarbonBrief
  • Motivational Visualizations, Eli Holder

    Websites and visualizations
  • Data-Driven Journalism
  • Collection of DDS Examples, and framework of techniques used
  • Infographic of infographics from wired
  • Obesity in America from
  • Left vs. Right from information is beautiful
  • Weather radials
  • The rich are killing the planet, S. Jockers, Datawrapper
  • The Case for a New Type of Minimum Wage using Tableau StoryPoints
  • Bubble to Bust Recovery from Bloomberg
  • Family income and college from NY Times
  • Americans are Completely Addicted to Trucks from Bloomberg
  • Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Hesham Eissa & Lindsey Poulter
  • California's Getting Fracked from Flagg, Craig, and Bruno
  • Africa's Rising Cities, scrollytelling, Washington Post
  • New Zealand's Covid-19 lockdown, stuff New Zealnad
  • Street Names from NY Times
  • Satellites Orbiting Earth from Quartz
  • Gay rights in US states from the Guardian
  • How Levees Increase Flooding, ProPublica
  • Drone Strikes from Pitch Interactive
  • What's Really Warming the World?from Bloomberg
  • MBTA Data from WPI
  • Visualizing Shark Numbers, J. Janicki and J. Whisenant
  • College Football Crowds and Covid Risk, ESPN
  • Visual Intro. to Machine Learning
  • China's economic slowdown from the Guardian
  • Film Dialog from Polygraph
  • Can you live on minimum wage? from NY Times
  • Information is Beautiful - David McCandless' website
  • Why do dogs? from Nadieh Bremer
  • Data Storytelling Resources from Juice Analytics

    NY Times Covid articles:
  • Article 1
  • Article 2
  • Article 3
  • Article 4
  • Article 5

    Sep. 28 -- Tableau

  • V. Setlur and M. Stone, "A Linguistic Approach to Categorical Color Assignment for Data Visualization", IEEE Trans. on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Vol. 22, No. 1, Jan. 2016, pp. 698-707.

    Web Articles
  • Tableau training videos, Tableau
  • Tableau Blog, lots of good articles
  • Tableau Basics in 6 minutes , Jeff Hale
  • Tableau mistakes to avoid
  • Creating animations in Tableau R. Rai
  • 30 resources for Tableau dashboards
  • Tableau & Figma, R. Janezic
  • Using Tableau Public Templates Efficiently K. Schulte
  • Tableau & PowerPoint, M. Buit
  • Embed Tableau in Webpage, Chi (Possibly out of date)
  • Doing calculations in Tableau, Poojit
  • Comparing Tableau to powerBI

  • Tableau tutorial, from Edureka
  • Tableau Zen Master Tips & Tricks, Andy Kriebel
  • Tableau Layout Containers, C. Harris

    Example Visualizations
  • Median Rent by County, from K. Flerlage
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe, from T. Guillevin
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline, from S. Parsons
  • Why does my dog?, from W. Sutton
  • Best of 2021, from Tableau Web

  • Tableau
  • Network Generator,>br>

    Oct. 3 -- Interaction

    Pre Reading
  • Why are we doing fewer interactive graphics?, A. Tse, NYT Deputy Graphics Editor (review the slides of the talk)
  • The death of interactive infographics?, D. Baur
  • In Defense of Interactive Graphics, G. Aisch, NYT

    Post Reading
  • J.S. Yi, Y.A. Kang, J.T. Stasko and J.A. Jacko, "Toward a Deeper Understanding of the Role of Interaction in Information Visualization", IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Vol. 13, No. 6, Nov/Dec 2007, pp. 1224-1231. (in Canvas)

  • A. Dix and G. Ellis, "Starting Simple - adding value to static visualisation through simple interaction." Proc. of AVI '98, May 1998, pp. 124-134.
  • N. Elmqvist, A. Vande Moere, H-C. Jetter, D. Cernea, H. Reiterer, and TJ Jankun-Kelly, "Fluid interaction for information visualization", Information Visualization, Vol. 10, No. 4, Oct. 2011, pp. 327-340.
  • J. Heer and G. Robertson. "Animated Transitions in Statistical Data Graphics," IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics Vol. 13, No. 6, Nov.-Dec. 2007, pp. 1240-1247.
  • J. Heer, M. Agrawala, W. Willett, "Generalized Selection via Interactive Query Relaxation", Proc. of CHI '08, Apr 2008, pp. 959-968.
  • R. Sadana and J. Stasko, "Designing and Implementing an Interactive Scatterplot Visualization for a Tablet Computer", Proc. of AVI '14, May 2014, pp. 265-272.
  • B. Shneiderman, "Dynamic Queries for Visual Information Seeking", IEEE Software, Vol. 11, No. 6, pp. 70-77, 1994.

  • Generalized Selection, Stanford, CHI '08
  • FacetMap, MSR, InfoVis '06
  • FilmFinder, Univ. Maryland, CHI '94
  • Magic Lens & See Through Tools, Xerox PARC, CHI '94 & '95
  • DynaVis animation, MSR, InfoVis '07
  • Dust & Magnet, Georgia Tech, Information Visualization '05
  • OnSet, Georgia Tech, InfoVis '14
  • DataBreeze (multimodal interaction), Georgia Tech

  • HomeFinder, Univ. of Maryland download
  • Spotfire
  • OnSet, Georgia Tech, InfoVis '14

  • Interactive histogram from Alan Dix
  • Visual Thesaurus
  • NameGrapher (Baby Name Wizard) from Namerology
  • Dynamic query on apt finding, RedFin
  • Diamond finder with dynamic queries
  • Brushable scatterplot matrix, M. Bostock
  • NYC Foodiverse, Will Su
  • Animated income mobility charts, NY Times
  • Animation's use in visualization, j. Cherdarchuk
  • Static vs interactive visualizations, A. Otter

    Oct. 5 -- Overview and Detail (including Focus + Context and Zooming)

    Pre Reading
  • Micro-macro view superpower, D. Baur

  • A. Cockburn, A. Karlson, and B. Bederson, "A Review of Overview+Detail, Zooming, and Focus+Context Interfaces", ACM Computing Surveys, Vol. 41, No. 1, Dec. 2008, pp. 2:1-2:31.
  • B. Bederson, J. Meyer, L. Good, "Jazz: An Extensible Zoomable User Interface Graphics Toolkit in Java", Proceedings of UIST 2000, Nov. 2000, pp.171-180.
  • B. Bederson et al, "DateLens: A fisheye calendar interface for PDAs," ACM Trans. on CHI, Vol. 11, No. 1, March 2004, pp. 90-119.
  • G. Furnas, "Generalized Fisheye Views", Proc. of CHI '86, pp. 16-23.
  • G. Furnas and B. Bederson, "Space-Scale Diagrams: Understanding Multiscale Interfaces", Proc. of CHI '95, May 1995, pp. 234-241.
  • G. W. Furnas, "A fisheye follow-up: further reflections on focus + context", Proc. of CHI '06, April 2006, pp. 999-1008.
  • C. Plaisant, D. Carr, and B. Shneiderman, "Image-Browser Taxonomy and Guidelines for Designers", IEEE Software, Vol. 12, No. 2, pp. 21-32, March 1995.
  • M. Sarkar and M. H. Brown, "Graphical fisheye views", Communications of the ACM, Vol. 37, No. 12, pp. 73-84, Dec. 1994.

  • Powers of Ten, by Eames youtube link
  • PadPrints, New Mexico, UIST '98
  • PhotoMesa, Maryland, UIST '01
  • FacetZoom, CHI '08
  • Information Mural, Georgia Tech, InfoVis '95
  • Fisheye Views of Graphs, DEC SRC, CHI '93
  • Table Lens, Xerox PARC, CHI '95
  • DateLens, Maryland & MSR

  • Powers of 10
  • Scale of the Universe 2 - Zooming example
  • Selfiecity
  • DateLens, Maryland

    Oct. 12 -- Data Humanism

    Pre Reading
  • Putting data back into context, by C. D'Ignazio
  • Why Data is Never Raw, by N. Barrowman
  • The Data Are NOT Objective, and Neither Are You, by A. Khoo
  • 500,000 dots is too many, F. Gagnon
  • How Visualizing Social Inequality Can Make It Worse, E. Holder
  • Data is Personal, by E. Peck
  • Ethical Data Visualization, S. Elghany

  • E. Peck, S. Ayuso, and O. El-Etr. "Data is Personal: Attitudes and Perceptions of Data Visualization in Rural Pennsylvania". Proc. of ACM CHI '19, May 2019, Paper 244, 12 pages.
  • M. Correll, "Ethical Dimensions of Visualization Research", Proc. of ACM CHI '19, May 2019, 13 pages.
  • C. Lee, et al, "Viral Visualizations: How Coronavirus Skeptics Use Orthodox Data Practices to Promote Unorthodox Science Online". Proc. of ACM CHI '21, May 2021, 18 pages.
  • E. Holder, C. Xiong, "Dispersion vs Disparity: Hiding Variability Can Encourage Stereotyping When Visualizing Social Outcomes", IEEE Trans. Vis. Comput. Graph. Vol. 29, No. 1, Jan. 2023, pp. 624-634.

    Web Articles
  • Visualizing mass death, W. Chase
  • Visualizing mass death, F. Gagnon, Voila Design Studio
  • Another grim milestone, F. Gagnon, Voila Design Studio
  • Capturing One Million Deaths on a Page, Interview with C. Mifsud
  • Ethical Design Recommendations for COVID-19 Visualizations, by K. Hepworth
  • Data Humanism Manifesto, from G. Lupi
  • Gender Equality, G. Lupi

    Oct. 17, 19 -- Design

    Pre Reading (Day 1)
  • What Makes a Vis Elegant? , A. Kirk
  • Biggest Misconception in Data Visualization, Practical Reporting

    Pre Reading (Day 2)
  • Design and Redesign in Visualization, Viegas & Wattenberg
  • Better Path Toward Criticizing Data Visualization, J. Schwabish
  • Unsolicited feedback, C. Nussbaumer Knaflic
  • Building a thriving data vis community, B. Jones

    Post Reading
  • A. Vande Moere and H. Purchase, "On the role of Design in Information Visualization", Information Visualization, Vol. 10, No. 4, pp. 356-371, 2011. (in Canvas)

  • Z. Liu, J. Thompson, et al, "Data Illustrator: Augmenting Vector Design Tools with Lazy Data Binding for Expressive Visualization Authoring", Proc. of CHI '18, Apr. 2018.
  • M. Sedlmair, M. Meyer, T. Munzner, "Design Study Methodology: Reflections from the Trenches and Stacks", IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Vol. 18, No. 12, Dec. 2012, pp. 2431-2440.

    Web Articles
  • Design challenges, Storytelling with Data
  • Country donations design challenge, storytelling with data
  • When Oversimplification Obscures, A. Nyame-Mensah
  • Choosing Fonts for Your Data Visualization, T. France
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    Oct. 31 -- Time Series Data

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    Nov. 9 -- Text and Documents

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    Nov.14 -- Practice 2 & Examples

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  • Nov. 28 -- Practice 3 & Examples

    Nov. 30 -- Post-WIMP Interaction with Visualizations

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