Week  Dates Research Topic Coding Topic HW Due
1 Jan 10, 12 Introduction Vega-Lite 1
2 Jan 17, 19 Covid Visualizations Vega-Lite 2
3 Jan 24, 26 Post-WIMP Visualization D3: Intro and resources
4 Jan 31, Feb 2 Cognitive Bias D3: HTML, CSS, SVG     HW1 - Vega-Lite
5 Feb 7, 9 Natural Language and Visualization D3: JavaScript and Data Loading
6 Feb 14, 16 Trust in Visualization D3: Selection and Data Binding
7 Feb 21, 23 Storytelling Tools and Techniques D3: Chart Types and Scales HW2 - Web Technologies
8 Feb 28, Mar 2     Visual Perception and Misinterpretation D3: Interaction 1
9 Mar 7, 9 Creating Visualizations without Programming    D3: Interaction 2 HW3 - D3 Chart Types
10 Mar 14, 16 Visualization Deception and Misinformation D3: Interaction 3    
11 Mar 21, 23 No Class - Spring break No Class - Spring break
12 Mar 28, 30 Automating Insights and Infographics D3: Layouts
13 Apr 4, 6 Visualization & Accessibility D3: Scrollytelling
14 Apr 11, 13 Immersive visualization D3: Network diagrams
15 Apr 18, 20 Visualization for Helping to Understand ML D3:
16 Apr 25 Recap & Review


Below are the lists of papers for each class' topic. Tuesdays will be a focus on recent infovis research topics. Thursdays will be a focus on learning to develop visualization applications through programming.

Jan. 17 -- Covid Visualizations


  • Y. Zhang, Y. Sun, L. Padilla, S. Barua, E. Bertini, and A. G. Parker, "Mapping the Landscape of COVID-19 Crisis Visualizations", CHI '21. (link)
  • Y. Zhang, Y. Sun, J. D. Gaggiano, N. Kumar, C. Andris, and A. G. Parker, "Visualization Design Practices in a Crisis: Behind the Scenes with COVID-19 Dashboard Creators," TVCG '23. (link)
  • J.D. Ericson, W.S. Albert, and J.-N. Duane, "Political affiliation moderates subjective interpretations of COVID-19 graphs", Big Data & Society, '22. (link)
  • L. Padilla R. Fygenson S.C. Castro, and E. Bertini, "Multiple Forecast Visualizations (MFVs): Trade-offs in Trust and Performance in Multiple COVID-19 Forecast Visualizations", TVCG '23.(link)

    Jan. 24 -- Post-WIMP Visualization

  • R. Sadana and J. Stasko, "Designing Multiple Coordinated Visualizations for Tablets", CGF '16. (link)
  • T. Horak, S. Badam, N. Elmqvist, and R. Dachselt, "When David Meets Goliath: Combining Smartwatches With a Large Vertical Display for Visual Data Exploration", CHI '18. (link)
  • A. Srinivasan, B. Lee, and J. Stasko, "Interweaving Multimodal Interaction with Flexible Unit Visualizations for Data Exploration," TVCG 21.
  • R. Langner, M. Satkowski, W. Büschel, Wand R. Dachselt, "MARVIS: Combining Mobile Devices and Augmented Reality for Visual Data Analysis", CHI '21. (link)

    Jan. 31 -- Cognitive Bias

  • E. Dimara, S. Franconeri, C. Plaisant, A. Bezerianos, and P. Dragicevic, "A Task-based Taxonomy of Cognitive Biases for Information Visualization", TVCG '20. (link)
  • E. Dimara, A. Bezerianos, P. Dragicevic, "The Attraction Effect in Information Visualization", TVCG '17. (link)
  • E. Dimara, G. Bailly, A. Bezerianos, S. Franconeri, "Mitigating the Attraction Effect with Visualizations", TVCG '19. (link)
  • E. Wall, L.M. Blaha, L. Franklin, and A. Endert, "Warning, Bias May Occur: A Proposed Approach to Detecting Cognitive Bias in Interactive Visual Analytics", VAST '17. (link)

    Feb. 7 -- Natural Language & Visualization

  • T. Gao, M. Dontcheva, E. Adar, Z. Liu, and K. G. Karahalios. "DataTone: Managing Ambiguity in Natural Language Interfaces for Data Visualization". UIST 15. (link)
  • V. Setlur, S. E. Battersby, M. Tory, R. Gossweiler, and A. X. Chang, "Eviza: A natural language interface for visual analysis." UIST 16. (link)
  • A. Narechania, A. Srinivasan, and J. Stasko, "NL4DV: A Toolkit for Generating Analytic Specifications for Data Visualization from Natural Language Queries", TVCG 21. (link)
  • A. Srinivasan, N. Nyapathy, B. Lee, S. M. Drucker, and J. Stasko, "Collecting and Characterizing Natural Language Utterances for Specifying Data Visualizations", Proceedings of ACM CHI '21 (link)
  • Y. Luo, N. Tang, G. Li, et al. "Synthesizing Natural Language to Visualization (NL2VIS) Benchmarks from NL2SQL Benchmarks," SIGMOD 21. (link)

    Feb. 14 -- Trust in Visualization

  • E. Mayr, N. Hynek, S. Salisu, and F. Windhager, "Trust in Information Visualization", TrustVis '19. (link)
  • H. Elhamdadi, A. Gaba, Y.-S. Kim, and C. Xiong, "How Do We Measure Trust in Visual Data Communication?", BELIV '22. (link)
  • E. Peck, S. Ayuso, and O. El-Etr. "Data is Personal: Attitudes and Perceptions of Data Visualization in Rural Pennsylvania", CHI '19. (link)
  • C. Lee, T. Yang, G. Inchoco, G. M. Jones, A. Satyanarayan, "Viral Visualizations: How Coronavirus Skeptics Use Orthodox Data Practices to Promote Unorthodox Science Online", CHI '21. (link)

    Feb. 21 -- Storytelling Tools and Techniques

  • N. Sultanum, F. Chevalier, Z. Bylinskii, Z. Liu, "Leveraging Text-Chart Links to Support Authoring of Data-Driven Articles with VizFlow", CHI '21. (link)
  • J. Zhao, S. Xu, S. Chandrasegaran, C. Bryan, F. Du, A. Mishra, X. Qian, Y. Li, and K.-L. Ma, "ChartStory: Automated Partitioning, Layout, and Captioning of Charts into Comic-Style Narratives", TVCG '23. (link)
  • Y. Shi, T. Gao. X. Jiao, N. Cao, "Breaking the Fourth Wall of Data Stories through Interaction", TVCG '23. (link)
  • M. Shin, J. Kim, Y. Han, L. Xie, M. Whitelaw, B.C. Kwon, S. Ko, and N. Elmqvist, "Roslingifier: Semi-Automated Storytelling for Animated Scatterplots", TVCG '23. (link)

    Feb. 28 -- Visual Perception and Misinterpretation

  • S. Haroz, R. Kosara, and S. Franconeri, "ISOTYPE Visualization: Working Memory, Performance, and Engagement with Pictographs", CHI '15. (link)
  • K. B. Schloss, C. C. Gramazio, A. T. Silverman, M. L. Parker, A. S. Wang, "Mapping Color to Meaning in Colormap Data Visualizations", TVCG '19. (link)
  • E. Holder and C. Xiong, "Dispersion vs Disparity: Hiding Variability Can Encourage Stereotyping When Visualizing Social Outcomes", TVCG '23. (link)
  • C. Xiong, C. Stokes, Y.-S. Kim, S. Franconeri, "Seeing What You Believe or Believing What You See? Belief Biases Correlation Estimation", TVCG '23. (link)

    Mar. 7 -- Creating Visualizations without Programming

  • Z. Liu, J. Thompson, A. Wilson, M. Dontcheva, J. Delorey, S. Grigg, B. Kerr, and J. Stasko. "Data Illustrator: Augmenting vector design tools with lazy data binding for expressive visualization authoring." CHI '18. (link)
  • D. Ren, B. Lee, and M. Brehmer. "Charticulator: Interactive construction of bespoke chart layouts.", TVCG '19. (link)
  • C. Wang, Y. Feng, R. Bodik, I. Dillig, A. Cheung, A.J. Ko, "Falx: Synthesis-Powered Visualization Authoring", CHI '21. (link)
  • W. Cui, J. Wang; H. Huang; Y. Wang, C.-Y. Lin, H. Zhang; D. Zhang, "A Mixed-Initiative Approach to Reusing Infographic Charts", TVCG '22. (link)

    Mar. 14 -- Visualization Deception and Misinformation

  • A. V. Pandey, K. Rall, M. L. Satterthwaite, O. Nov, and E. Bertini, "How Deceptive are Deceptive Visualizations?", CHI '15. (link)
  • H.-K. Kong, Z. Liu, and K. Karahalios, "Trust and Recall of Information across Varying Degrees of Title-Visualization Misalignment", CHI '19. (link)
  • A. Fan, Y. Ma, M. Mancenido, & R. Maciejewski, "Annotating Line Charts for Addressing Deception", CHI '22. (link)
  • A. Karduni, I. Cho, R. Wesslen, S. Santhanam, S. Volkova, D.L. Arendt, & W. Dou, "Vulnerable to misinformation? Verifi!", IUI '19. (link)

    Mar. 28 -- Automating Insights and Infographics

  • Z. Cui, S. K. Badam, M. A. Yal c ¸ in, and N. Elmqvist. DataSite: "Proactive visual data exploration with computation of insight-based recommendations" Information Visualization '19.(link)
  • A. Srinivasan, S. M. Drucker, A. Endert, and J. Stasko, "Augmenting Visualizations with Interactive Data Facts to Facilitate Interpretation and Communication", TVCG '19. (link)
  • Y. Wang, Z. Sun, H. Zhang, W. Cui, K. Xu, X. Ma, and D. Zhang. "DataShot: Automatic generation of fact sheets from tabular data", TVCG '19. (link)
  • C. Qian, S. Sun, W. Cui, J.-G. Lou, H. Zhang, and D. Zhang. "Retrieve-Then-Adapt: Example-based automatic generation for proportion-related infographics", TVCG '20. (link)
  • D. Shi, X. Xu, F. Sun, Y. Shi, and N. Cao. "Calliope: Automatic visual data story generation from a spreadsheet", TVCG '20. (link)

    Apr. 4 -- Visualization & Accessibility

  • F. Elavsky, C. Bennett, and D. Moritz. "How accessible is my visualization? Evaluating visualization accessibility with Chartability", CGF '22. (link)
  • J. Choi, S. Jung, D.G. Park, J. Choo, N. Elmqvist, "Visualizing for the Non-Visual: Enabling the Visually Impaired to Use Visualization", CGF '19. (link)
  • P. Chundury, B. Patnaik, Y. Reyazuddin, C. W. Tang, J. Lazar, N. Elmqvist, "Towards Understanding Sensory Substitution for Accessible Visualization: An Interview Study," TVCG '22. (link)
  • J. Zong, C. Lee, A. Lundgard, J. Jang, D. Hajas, and A. Satyanarayan, "Rich Screen Reader Experiences for Accessible Data Visualization," CGF '22. (link)

    Apr. 11 -- Immersive Visualization

  • K. Marriott, J. Chen, M. Hlawatsch, T. Itoh, M.A. Nacenta,G. Reina, & W. Stuerzlinger, "Immersive analytics: Time to reconsider the value of 3d for information visualisation." In Immersive Analytics (link)
  • Y. Yang, T. Dwyer, K. Marriott, B. Jenny, S. Goodwin, "Tilt map: Interactive transitions between Choropleth map, Prism map and Bar chart in immersive environments." TVCG '21. (link)
  • B. Xu, S. Guo, E. Koh, J. Hoffswell, R. Rossi, F. Du, "ARShopping: In-Store Shopping Decision Support Through Augmented Reality and Immersive Visualization", VIS '22. (link)
  • A. Batch, A. Cunningham, M. Cordeil, N. Elmqvist, T. Dwyer, B.H. Thomas, & K. Marriott, "There is no spoon: Evaluating performance, space use, and presence with expert domain users in immersive analytics." TVCG '19.(link)

    Apr. 18 -- Visualization for Helping to Understand ML

  • A. Endert, W. Ribarsky, C. Turkay, BW Wong, I. Nabney, I.D. Blanco, F. Rossi, "The state of the art in integrating machine learning into visual analytics, " CGF '17. (link)
  • D. Ren, S. Amershi, B. Lee, J. Suh, J.D. Williams, "Squares: Supporting interactive performance analysis for multiclass classifiers," TVCG '16. (link)
  • F. Hohman, A. Head, R. Caruana, R. DeLine, S.M. Drucker, "Gamut: A design probe to understand how data scientists understand machine learning models, " CHI '19. (link)
  • (link)

    Vis Application Development

    Below are some resources that we will use in learning how to develop visualization applications on the web.

    Jan. 12 and 19 -- Vega-Lite


  • Vega-Lite home
  • Documentation
  • Tutorials
  • Interactive Editor
  • JSON Wikipedia page
  • CSV and JSON datasets for use with Vega-Lite

    Jan. 26 -- D3: Introduction

  • Data Visualization Libraries , K. Wongsuphasawat
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Visual Studio Code's Live Server
  • D3 official website
  • Observable
  • D3.js Graph Gallery
  • How to learn D3, Amelia Wattenberger
  • D3 course, Curran Kelleher

    Showcase Examples
  • How America moves its homeless
  • Inside Scoop of Ben & Jerry's
  • Dragon Ball Z fights
  • Every line in Hamilton
  • NBA GameViz
  • NBA LineupViz
  • NBA Buckets

    Feb. 2 -- D3: HTML, DOM, CSS, SVG

  • HTML Tutorial
  • CSS Tutorial
  • CSS Selectors
  • SVG
  • SVG Tutorial

    Feb. 9 -- D3: JavaScript and Loading Data

  • JavaScript for cats (js intro)
  • JavaScript fundamentals, A. Lex
  • JavaScript Basics , C. Scheidegger
  • JavaScript guide
  • Learn JavaScript
  • Intro. to JavaScript Udacity course
  • JavaScript scope

    Feb. 16 -- D3: Selection and Data Binding

  • Template literals/strings

    Feb. 23 -- D3: Chart Types and Scales

  • Difference between data and datum methods
  • D3 axes
  • Customizing axes in D3
  • D3 axis tips and tricks

    Mar. 2 -- D3: Interaction 1

  • HTML DOM Events
  • Mouse event interface
  • JavaScript Events
  • JavaScript moving the mouse
  • Events in D3

    Mar. 9 -- D3: Interaction 2

  • HTML Input Types

    Mar. 16 -- D3: Interaction 3

    Mar. 30 -- D3: Layouts

    Apr. 6 -- D3: Scrollytelling

    Showcase Examples
  • Americans are Completely Addicted to Trucks from Bloomberg
  • MBTA Data from WPI
  • Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Hesham Eissa & Lindsey Poulter
  • Visualizing Shark Numbers, J. Janicki and J. Whisenant
  • Interactive Visualization of Every Line in Hamilton
  • In the Atlantic Ocean Hint at Dramatic Dangers

  • Scrollama
  • ScrollTrigger
  • Waypoints
  • ScrollMagic
  • graph-scroll
  • ScrollStory

    Apr. 13 -- D3: Network Diagrams
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