Assistant Professor
Associate Director, ML@GT
School of Interactive Computing
CODA room S1181B
Email: zkira at gatech dot edu

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02/2021 Co-organizing the CVPR workshop on Learning from Limited and Imperfect Data (L2ID).
02/2021 ICLR paper on state of art semi-supervised object detection [paper]
02/2021 Code release for our FeatMatch paper [paper] [code]
10/2020 Media on Facebook Co-Teaching Partnership: FB | Engadget | WSBTV | Univ-Industry Engagement
10/2020 Invited Talk at the Workshop on Unsupervised Learning for Automated Driving [youtube]
10/2020 Senior PC for IJCAI
09/2020 NeurIPS paper on learning with imbalanced datasets.
08/2020 Area Chair for ICLR 2021.
08/2020 First OMSCS Deep Learning class offered! Part of Facebook in co-teaching partnership!
07/2020 Two ECCV papers on cyclical self-supervised grounding and complex data augmentation for Semi-SL! Check out the related workshop talk on latter!
06/2020 CVPR invited talk for the Workshop on Learning w/ Limited Labels [youtube]. Similar talk at the Agriculture Vision workshop.
03/2020 Thesis defense - Yen-Chang Hsu, the first student in RIPL, defended! Congrats!
03/2020 Thesis defense - Chih-Yao Ma (Kevin) successfully defended his thesis. Great work!
03/2020 Area Chair for NeurIPS 2020.
02/2020 Three CVPR papers on group formation in distributed perception, out-of-distribution detection, and self-supervised cross-domain action segmentation! Congrats all!
01/2020 Two ICRA papers on uncertainty-aware fusion and distributed perception!
11/2019 Thanks to Samsung for research funding!
11/2019 Oral AAAI paper, congratulations Weiyu! (with RAIL) [arxiv]
11/2019 Oral IROS workshop paper on uncertainty-aware multi-modal fusion [arxiv]
09/2019 Funding for DARPA LwLL program
07/2019 Oral ICCV paper on video domain adaptation. Congrats Steve! [arxiv]
06/2019 Preprint: Manifold graphs for SoA semi-supervised learning! [project][arxiv]
03/2019 Oral CVPR paper. Congrats Chih-Yao! (work with Salesforce Research)
02/2019 Dataset released for our WACV PCB component detection paper! [download]
01/2019 Two ICRA/RA-L accepted papers. Congrats Jing-Dao and Angel!
01/2019 Journal paper on point cloud scene understanding
01/2019 Three ICLR accepted papers. Congrats Yen-Chang, Yen-Cheng, and Chih-Yao!
12/2018 Pytorch framework for continual/lifelong learning released! [github]
11/2018 NIPS Continual Learning Workshop paper /b> paper with a categorization of current scenarios and strong baselines achieving state of art (or close) on current continual learning scenarios!
11/2018 WACV paper accepted. Congrats Albert!
10/2018 Teaching Deep Learning cross-listed undergraduate and graduate course.
09/2018 ONR funding with Lu Feng (UVA), Pratap Tokekar (VT), and Ufuk Topcu (UT Austin).
09/2018 Journal paper on TS-LSTMs accepted
08/2018 Assistant Professor!
07/2018 Pytorch code release for our clustering work on github
06/2018 News article about new DARPA lifelong learning project
04/2018 Blog post about our CVPR paper 03/2018Accepted IJCNN paper: Learning to Cluster for Proposal-Free Instance Segmentation [arxiv]
02/2018 CVPR paper on Higher-Order Object Interactions for Video Understanding.
01/2018 ICLR paper (in top 7% of reviews!) for Learning to Cluster paper