Media Coverage

Making Complex Physics Pop On Screen. Dartmouth News, May, 2022.

The Flow From Simulation To Reality. Nature Physics, July, 2022.

Computational system streamlines the design of fluidic devices. MIT News, Dec, 2022.

Why modeling cherries that float in water is such a huge technical challenge? techunwrapped, July, 2021.

Can You Tell If These Cherries Floating in Water Are a Simulation? Vice, July, 2021.

Automating Materials Design. MIT News, Feb 2, 2018.

Designing the Microstructure of Printed Objects. MIT News, Aug 3, 2017.
Other media: science daily, space daily,, 3D print, neuro robotics magazine, robot globe, etc.

Reshaping Computer-Aided Design. MIT News, Jul 24, 2017.
Other media: science daily, engadget, 3D print,, etc.

Design Your Own Custom Drone. MIT News, Dec 5, 2016.
Other media: techcrunch, popular mechanics, engadget, robotics trends, etc.


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