Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What did we cover on day X?
Simply look at the class schedule page to find out what we covered and which sections of the book were relevant for each day.

Q. What topics will Exam X cover?
Unless told differently, an exam may cover all of the course content on the days leading up to that exam.

Q. Will (specific thing) be on the exam?
Until I write the exam, I won't know. Once I write the exam, I won't tell you. See the previous question - All prior content is fair game.

Q. I really need some help. Where can I look for assistance?
A good place to start might be to read over the Student Resource Guide we have created. You should always feel free to talk to the professor and/or the TAs as well. We're here to help.

Q. I couldn't come to the last class. Did we cover anything important?
I'm always tempted to answer this, "No, I just felt like standing up in front of a couple hundred people and wasting their time for an hour" or perhaps "No, as soon as we realized you weren't there we decided to meditate." Actual answer: I'd like to think every day in class is important.

Q. Besides studying, what else can I do to improve my grade?
My best advice for success in this class is to do the HWs by yourself and make sure you understand all the coding on them very well. This is not a class where you memorize some set of facts. You are learning a skill with lots of background knowledge. Practice is the best way to improve. Second, I always suggest doing lots of practice questions and problems. Make sure to do the weekly practice problems from our book that I recommend, and go ahead and do even more from our book and possibly others.

Q. I was sick and missed an exam/quiz/assignment. What should I do?
The first answer is what not to do. Do not take documentation such as medical forms, etc. to me (the professor). Such materials are private and should not be shared with the professor. Instead, you should contact the Dean of Students and work with their office to potentially seek an excused absence. If their office determines that this is appropriate, they will contact and inform me about it.

Q. Can I work together with another student on the HWs?
No, the code you create for a HW assignment should be your own creation. It is OK to discuss high-level course concepts and ideas with other students in class, but what you turn in on HWs or exams should be from your own effort. For more details about this, please see the course information page.

Q. How do I get to Prof. Stasko's office?
Directions But with the pandemic situation this spring, he likely won't be there.

Q. Can I do extra credit work after the term to help raise my grade?

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