Java Resources

Below are several resources to help you install, code, and run Java programs. We'll be using the OpenJDK 11 (Hotspot) version of Java this term. More details below.

Getting Started - Our own advice on installing java on your computer, IDEs, and writing programs in Java.
Getting started & Hello World on Mac/Linux - Oracle's help for building and running Java programs for Unix platforms.
Getting started & Hello World on Windows - Oracle's help for building and running Java programs for MS Windows platforms.
The last two above are for Java version 8 (we're using version 11) but they still may be helpful.

CS 1331 Style Guide - The conventions we follow and that are enforced by the checkstyle program. (checkstyle jar file)

JDK 11 Documentation overview from Oracle
Java 11 API - Oracle's index to all Java 11 modules, packages, classes, and methods.
Java 8 API - Oracle's (very useful old) index to all old Java 8 classes and methods. This one provides a convenient one-stop place for most of the main classes you'll be using.
JavaFX API - API to JavaFX GUI and Graphics classes and methods.

Oracle's Java Tutorials - Loads of helpful instruction and sample code from the folks who maintain Java.

Oracle's Really Big Index of Java Concepts - A huge index to all Java concepts and notions with links for more information.

Command Line Reference - Some helpful and handy commands for use in the command shell on Windows and Mac (Unix)

Javadoc - How to comment your code in Java.

Debugging tips - Help for debugging your code.

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