Jay W. Summet
College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology
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2009-present Senior Lecturer - Georgia Institute of Technology - College of Computing
  • CS 1301 - Introduction to Computing (CS 1 - with Robots in Python)
  • CS 1315 - Introduction to Computing (CS 1 - with Media in Python)
  • CS 1316 - Representation of Structure & Behavior (CS 2 - OOP & Data Structures in Java)
  • CS 2316 - Data Manipulation for Science and Industry (CS 1.5 with focus on building practical applications)
  • CS 2200 - Systems and Networks
  • CS 3651 - Prototyping Intelligent Appliances (Devices thread capstone course)
  • CS 4001 - Computers & Society (Professional Ethics and Written Communication)
  • CS 4400 - Introduction to Database Systems
  • CS 4475 - Computational Photography
  • CS 6400 - Database Systems: Concepts & Design
  • CS 7638 - Artificial Intelligence for Robotics
2008-2009 Research Scientist - Institute for Personal Robots in Education
My responsibilities included curriculum development, test teaching and evaluation of CS1 using personal robots as the context for education. I taught four CS1301 classes at the Georgia Institute of Technology (ranging in size from 25 to 266 students). In addition, I developed, deployed and analyzed data from a study to evaluate the effectiveness of the personal robot approach to teaching CS1 under the guidance of Dr. Tucker Balch and Dr. Mark Guzdial.
2001-2007 Graduate Research Assistant - Georgia Institute of Technology - College of Computing
Virtual Rear Projection - How can we build flexible, interactive wall-sized displays using front projectors and cameras? Advised by Dr. Jim Rehg and Dr. Gregory D. Abowd. Implemented a projector camera system using DirectX, MIL and OpenCV with 1394 FireWire cameras. Designed and implemented an empirical user study evaluating virtual rear projection technology with IRB approval.
2001-2007 Graduate Teaching Assistant - Georgia Institute of Technology - College of Computing
CS 3300 - Introduction to Software Engineering - Dr. Colin Potts
CS 4001 - Computers and Society - Dr. James Foley
CS 4750 - User Interface Design - Dr. James Foley
CS 7470 - Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing - Dr. Thad Starner
Summer 2005 Research Assistant - Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL)
500Hz Optical Tracking with Dr. Ramesh Raskar.
Developed motion capture system that optically tracks the location and orientation of sensors operating at 500Hz. Built custom LED projectors using 3D modeling software and 3D printer. Utilized rapid prototyping methods and electronics construction techniques to develop initial proof of concepts and improve subsequent versions of the system. Programmed visualization applications using OpenGL to demonstrate system accuracy and speed.
Summer 2004 Research Assistant - Intel Research Pittsburgh
BurningWell - Developed a hardware/software system using a micro-controller based sensor to automatically calibrate a display surface with respect to a projector. The system locates an arbitrary display surface using the sensors and then tracks its motion in real time allowing for dynamic positioning of displays. Programmed PIC micro-controllers using assembly and desktop software using C and OpenGL. Worked under the guidance of Dr. Rahul Sukthankar.
1999-2001 Graduate Research Assistant - Oregon State University - CS Department
Conducted research in end-user programming, including end-user software engineering with the automatic propagation of assertions under the guidance of Dr. Margaret Burnett. Implemented user interface elements with Java Swing and programmed an assertion logic propagation system in Lisp. Worked on a legacy code-base with more than 40 previous and 10 current programmers using a CVS system. Implemented a regression testing suite for the CVS system.
1998 & 1999
Research Assistant - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
Developed, implemented, and evaluated algorithms for the automatic detection of plastic threat objects for a prototype Personal Security Scanner under the guidance of Dr. Paul Keller. Developed training data and procedures to build artificial neural networks using C++ and MATLAB to detect threat objects.
1996-1999 Network & Systems Administrator - NWinfo.net
Responsible for the installation and maintenance of digital and analog ISP hardware and software including CISCO Routers, Lucent Portmasters, BSDI, Windows NT and Linux operating systems, RADIUS authentication, along with WWW and email services. Developed and implemented automated customer billing system, custom CGI scripts, and handled technical support issues.
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