Seth and Howie

      At McDonald's Around the World

An incomplete history of the many McDonald's visits by Seth and Howie, and a long list of their friends.

Seth and Howie at McDonald's

At the University of Illinois, October 2006.
In Illinois, as in much of the heartland, one often has the desire to bowl after a fine meal at McDonald's.
A gang of UIUC students, after Howie's Caesar Lecture.

ICRA 2006, Orlando: A happy lunch for Howie and me.
Joel Burdick (famous hyper-redundant robotics guy) joins veterans Al and Peter (the famous Australian field roboticist) along with first-timers Jing Xiao, Jon Luntz, Andrew Ladd, and young researchers Max and Kostas
Howie with another of his many new McD pals.