Seth and Howie

      At McDonald's Around the World

An incomplete history of the many McDonald's visits by Seth and Howie, and a long list of their friends.

Seth and Howie at McDonald's

ICRA 2010 - Anchorage
Anchorage does not have a McDonald's in the downtown area. But that's no problem for savvy travelers who don't mind a short bus ride.
And, of course, a bus ride affords the opportunity to make new friends.

If you look closely, you'll see the Alaskan mountains reflected in the McD's windows (second row from the bottom).
It's art, really.
Wendy, Seth and Howie - standing in front of the McD's fireplace. It had the warm feeling of home. Howie and three new friends (who taught us that the word igloo is merely the Eskimo word for house). The girl on the left is the guest photographer who took the photo to the left.