Seth and Howie

      At McDonald's Around the World

An incomplete history of the many McDonald's visits by Seth and Howie, and a long list of their friends.

Seth and Howie at McDonald's

AAAI 2008 - Chicago
The Rock and Roll McDonald's in Chicago --- The best McDonald's ever!
Just beside the left arch you'll see Dieter, Martin and Howie.

At the Rock and Roll McDonald's, one can finish the meal with a Gelato while gazing out at the tawdry, touristic eateries across the street.
Security is pretty good at the Rock and Roll McDonald's. McDonalds's is always about making new friends.
If you look very, very closely, you'll notice that my new friend is wearing on his tie a pin from a McDonald's in England. There's a very tiny British flag on the pin... and you must look very hard indeed to see it. But it's there.
Joy. McDonald's brings joy.
Howie's favorite Martin.
World famous probabilistic roboticist Dieter Fox.