Seth and Howie

      At McDonald's Around the World

An incomplete history of the many McDonald's visits by Seth and Howie, and a long list of their friends.

Seth and Howie at McDonald's

A Thanksgiving lunch at CMU, November 2005 - in our private little room, with Nancy (yes ... the famous Nancy from the voyages in Italy), James and George.

On this day, I was thankful for Howie, Nancy, George and James, and McDonald's, and strawberry shakes, and very thankful that George decided to use Robot Modeling and Control for his robotics class.
Pensive George ... with fries. Nancy, rushing off to meet some other boys that we don't like. But we aren't jealous.

Barcelona - ICRA 2005
On our arrival in Europe - no Pope yet.
Within one day of our arrival --- a new pope.
Draw your own conclusions...
Barcelona - ICRA 2005
With Peter Corke, famous field roboticist
Barcelona - ICRA 2005
The photo that caused the McD authorities to ban my camera.