More About FACs
The AO
  A Shau Valley
    • MACV Compound
    • LCU Ramp
    • Hué Goose
  Tet 1968
    • Trail FACs
The Missions
  Visual Recon
    • Sunken Sampan
  Close Air Support
    • Rules of Engagement
    • TACS
    • Battle at Hua Cu
Ranch Hand
Arc Light
  Hammer 51 Rescue
  Search for Jolly 23
  Jungle Penetrator




America in Vietnam    Dr. John Guilmartin

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Airpower in Vietnam (Air University)   (cached HTML)      PDF Version

US Army CMH Vietnam Studies    (historical monographs)

USAF Project CHECO Reports    (declassified historical monographs)

Joint Pub 1-02, Definitions   (PDF)

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