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Thua Thien Province

I was assigned to Hué with a primary area of operations in Thua Thien province.   Our team also was responsible for Quang Tri province, the northern most in South VIetnam.   We had a small detachment flying O-1s from La Vang airfield at Quang Tri, but we often supplemented them during periods of high activity.

Our area of operations included the A Shau Valley (Thua Thien), and Khe Sanh and up to the Demilitarized Zone (Quang Tri Province), all sites of major fighting.

Link to a detail map of the northern two provinces of the Republic of Vietnam

War in the Northern Provinces 1966-1968   (e-book)
Lieutenant General Willard Pearson, USA
Vietnam Studies Series
U. S. Army Center for Military History
Washington: Department of the Army, 1975

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