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O-2 over Vinh Loc Island
  O-2A on a VR mission over Vinh Loc Island,
Thua Thien Province, 1968   (© Tom Pilsch)

Visual reconnaissance (VR) was a core mission of the forward air controller in SEA.   Whether serving as the airborne eyes for the ground maneuver commander, searching for hidden transportation and supply targets or gathering routine intelligence information, the basic VR process -- look, identify, report -- became the core around which all other missions revolved.

A primary responsibility of the Trail FACs in northern I Corps was to provide information to local military commanders, district and province security forces, and the theater intelligence system.   This required hours and hours over the varied terrain of the AO -- coastal lowlands, rivers and sea coast, rice paddies, multiple-canopy mountain forest -- looking for changes in the normal patterns of activity.   These variations could include indications of new or heavier foot or vehicular traffic, changes in local activity patterns, or evidence of new construction, digging or attempts at camouflage.   The biggest challenge in the information gathering process was separating the unusual from the routine.

  Click on image at left for a narrative and photos on how a sharp eyed FAC ruined Charlie's night.  

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